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REFM Private Coaching Prospect Intake Form
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How did you first hear about REFM?
What are your expectations for REFM Coaching?
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What is your overall goal of being coached?
When you have completed the Coaching, if everything were to have gone perfectly, what specific items would you have learned, and what would you walk away with in terms of Excel files and contents of those files?
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Did you grow up learning about the real estate business from your family?
What is your highest level of formal education?
At which school did you study at this highest level?
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Have you ever taken an Excel modeling or a computer programming course? (which one?/in what?)
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For how long have you been working in the professional world?
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For how long have you been working in the commercial real estate business in particular?
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For how many years have you been using Excel?
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On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is pure beginner and 5 is us at REFM, how would you rank yourself in terms of Excel skills as they relate specifically to real estate analysis?
Please email me an unlocked version of the most advanced model that you have personally built so we can assess your skills
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Are you willing to take our Level 1 and Level 2 assessment tests online so we can see where you are strong and where you are weak?
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Who will be paying for the coaching service?
On which property type or types are you interested in being coached?
What is/are the nature of the real estate transaction(s) on which you would like to be coached?
Do you have your own Excel model already built that you would like us to teach you? Or would you like us to use our own teaching materials?
By what date would you like the Coaching sessions to be complete?
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