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ISO/IEC JTC1 SC-7 Meeting- 2018
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 is subcommittee on Software and Systems Engineering standardization. SC7 delivers standards in the area of software and systems engineering that meet market and professional requirements. These standards convers the processes, supporting tools and supporting technologies for the engineering of software products and systems. Systems engineering, whose origin is traceable to industrial engineering, is defined as an interdisciplinary approach governing the total technical and managerial effort required to transform a set of customer needs, expectations, and constraints into a solution and to support that solution throughout its life. SC7, whose scope is Software and Systems Engineering, can thus be described as a horizontal committee who produce generic standards that are technology agnostics and independent of the application domain. These standards are principally focused on process models and good practices (Methods and techniques). This committee is presently having 12 working groups formulating standards in various relevant areas.

The plenary meeting of this sub committee alongwith its Working Groups is scheduled to be held from 6-May-2018 to 11-May-2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. This meeting will be attended by more than 170 experts from more than 59 Member countries. This form is to express interest for participation if you want to attend SC7 Plenary and its associated meeting/s. You will be attending this meeting as an observer. Attending this meeting will provide you an opportunity to understand the standardization procedure and to contribute in international standardization.

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