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Please submit a textbook copy request for each course at least two weeks prior to needing a textbook incase a copy is not readily available on campus. After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details and availability. If you would like faster service and direct information Contact us at

All NS instructional textbook copies are only required course textbooks for NS instructional staff (TAs, lecturers, faculty). Textbook publishers only provide complimentary copies of required course textbooks that have been submitted to UCM Text Books ( by primary instructors for their course students.  

Please be aware that hard copies are always requested for instructional staff when applicable (not all sections require textbooks) from Publishers but depending on their respective policies only an e-book or digital copy will be provided to graduate student TAs or those teaching a secondary sections (DISC/LABs).

There is an understanding between NS and our Publishers to receive complimentary copies from them by using redistribution methods. NS collects textbooks loaned to instructors after each semester in order to redistribute them to those teaching sections the following term (i.e. Spring 2018). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and has an impact on your peers.

You can view submitted course textbook materials for Spring 2018 using this link (agree to terms at the bottom of the page to view): .

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