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Would you like me to bring my Vegan Drag Show Fundraiser to your city? I'd LOVE to come to your town! How do we make that happen? Unless I get booked for an event in your area, the best way to bring me out is to show me that there is a demand and a built-in audience for me there.

So fill out this form -- as thoroughly as possible -- but the MORE friends you can get to fill out this survey -- the better I will see whether there is a real demand for me in your town.
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City: *
State (if in the USA)
This question helps me better research and promote the show in your city. Please be thorough in your response, and please PLEASE separate each answer with a comma.
FOR EXAMPLE:  Milwaukee is also sometimes referred to as Cream City, or Brew City, or Miltown
Nicknames for your city
Please separate multiple answers with a comma, like this:  Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3
Your info
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Would you be able to offer me a place to stay?
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Promotion and Logistics
Are there any local Facebook Groups you belong to where I could promote the show, or gather ideas/input? If so, please include the URL LINKS below! Thanks!
Link to your Facebook Profile (optional, but seriously it'll make things much... MUCH(!) easier for me):
If you don't know the URL for your Facebook profile, just go to your Facebook timeline on your web browser and copy paste the URL.  For example, mine is
If you're willing to host me in your home, please fill out the following survey:
Please list any of your favorite local organizations in the Animal Rights/LGBTQ community:
IMPORTANT: WHEN IS PRIDE ("Gay Pride", LGBTQ Pride, etc...) IN YOUR CITY??? If you don't know offhand, please look it up and give me the answer. It helps a LOT to avoid conflicting dates!!
IMPORTANT: WHEN IS YOUR LOCAL VEGFEST??? (Again, if you don't know offhand, it would help a great deal!)
It would be a good idea for you to make sure you're on my mailing list, so that when I DO come to your city, you'll get an email notification about it! Use this link to sign up for my mailing list:
NOTES (Anything else you'd like me to know?)
Thank you for taking the time to answer the above questions!
Now... if you'd REALLY like to help me make a show happen in your city, here's the MOST helpful thing you can do to help me out!
In order to do a show, I'm going to need to find a venue where I can do my show.  Don't worry: I'm not asking you to contact venues.
I'm not asking for you to figure out logistics.  I have a very thorough list of criteria. All you have to do is follow instructions. If you can help with this, please click this link to find and follow those instructions:
Thank you again for everything!  When you're done, please click [SUBMIT] below.
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