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Graduation Information Form
Please be as detailed as possible as this information will help the graduation committee in their decision making.
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What are your plans after High School? *
If you are attending University or College, What program will you study? (If this does not apply to you put in N/A) *
If entering an Apprenticeship, what trade are you going to do? (if this does not apply to you put in N/A) *
What elementary school did you attend? *
How many years have you attended Eden High School? *
Social Insurance Number (required for certain scholarships/bursaries/awards)
Are you attending graduation? (June 28th, 2018) *
When being introduced at the graduation ceremony, I would like my name to be read out as follows: (example: Full name is Jonathan Edgar Smith but I want the reader to say Jon Smith) *
What extra curricular activities have you participated in during your time at Eden? (Sports, clubs, opportunities outside the classroom by grade in point form) *
What Leadership opportunities have you been involved in during your time at Eden? (if you have not, just answer N/A) *
Please list the community service activities you did to complete the mandatory 40 hours (include church and hours above the 40 mandatory hours) *
What work experience do you have? Do you currently work at a part-time job? (If you don't work just put in N/A) *
List any activities you do outside of school (Royal conservatory of music lessons, cadets, AAA hockey, Club volleyball etc...things that teachers might not be aware that you do) (If you don't participate in anything just put N/A) *
If you would like to be considered for any award offered by Eden and the community at graduation, please answer the following questions. If you do not want to be considered for awards, you are finished and can submit now. A- Do you require financial assistance in order to attend post-secondary?
B- If you answered yes to the question above, please state the type of work your mother and father does, their employer(s) and if they work full time or part time (example: mom works at Tim Horton's part time AND/OR dad is retired from G.M.)
C- How many parents/guardians in your household?
D- Are you the first in your family to go to college/university/apprenticeship? (mom, dad, grandparents, brothers/sisters?)
E- Will your parents/guardians most likely contribute financially to your post-secondary education? Explain the extent of their possible contributions.
F- Are there any other factors which should be considered? (eg. physical or learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, native origin etc.)
G- What community do you live in? (eg. St. Catharines, NOTL, Vineland, Niagara Falls, etc.)
What scholarships have you received from Universities or colleges???
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