Community Development Needs Survey
Each year the City of Panama City receives federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) due to its population, demographics, and available funding. The City estimates it will receive approximately $375,500 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) each year of the next 5 years. These funds primarily benefit low to moderate income households, and can be used for affordable housing, economic development, community facilities and neighborhood infrastructure.

This survey is designed to collect public opinion regarding how the City should use funding in the area of Affordable Housing. This survey is voluntary, your answers will be kept confidential.

Please do not take this survey again if you have already completed it.
Thank you for providing your valuable input!

Affordable Housing
Please rate the following areas based on level of need in your community
1. New affordable single family housing development for home ownership *
2. Rehabilitation of existing housing for home ownership *
3. Down payment assistance for home ownership *
4. Construction of rental housing *
5. Rental vouchers (in addition to Section 8 and other local vouchers) *
6. Rental housing for senior citizens *
7. Accessibility improvements for elderly and persons with disabilities *
8. Emergency homeless shelter *
9. Housing for homeless individuals and families needing supportive services *
10. Transitional housing for homeless youth (for individuals less than 18 years old) *
11. Fair housing (efforts to reduce discrimination in housing) *
12. Lead-based hazard, mold and asbestos mitigation *
13. Residential historic preservation *
14. Energy efficiency improvements (insulation, air-sealing, equipment upgrades) *
15. Residential solar improvements (installation of active solar) *
Economic Development
1. Vocational training (specific skill development for highly needed jobs in the community) *
2. Commercial/industrial development or rehabilitation (a majority of the employees on these projects must be low to moderate income) *
3. Business mentoring (assisting new businesses in planning and budgeting) *
4. Facade and infrastructure improvements for businesses in lower income neighborhoods *
Community Facilities
1. Youth services (for individuals less than 18 years old) *
2. Senior services *
3. Services for persons with disabilities *
4. Employment services *
5. Health services *
Neighborhood Infrastructure and Revitalization
1. Trash and debris removal *
2. Tree planting along streets (street scaping) *
3. Community gardens *
4. Code enforcement for the exterior of buildings *
5. Demolition of dilapidated buildings (those in a state of disrepair or ruin) *
6. Storm water improvements in low income neighborhoods *
7. Sanitary sewer improvements in low income neighborhoods *
8. Street improvements *
9. Sidewalk improvements *
10. Railroad crossing improvements *
11. Parks and trails improvements *
12. Bus shelters *
Demographic Information
Panama City Ward Map
1. Which Panama City ward do you live in? *
2. What is your home address? (Optional) The city will not use this information to contact you
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3. Are you of Spanish, Hispanic, or Latin origin? *
4. What is your race? *
5. Do you live in a female headed household? *
6. What is your age? *
7. Is English the main language you use in the home? *
8. How many individuals live in your home? *
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9. What is your annual income? *
10. Are you or anyone in your household a person with disabilities? *
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