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2016 New Grad & Internship Offer Details Survey
This form is for offers you have received Summer 2016 onward for start dates in 2017.

Please fill out this form for a SINGLE offer details only. If you have multiple offers you'd like to add, please feel free to reload and complete this form for each individual offer.

For confidentiality, you can round your salary appropriately (e.g. $6635 to $6600 or $95400 to $95000) and also you can be vague about what school you attend (e.g. Ivy League or Midwestern State College) and same goes for location.

Please do name the company. If not possible, please include the relative size of company, and industry space (FinTech, Security, Ads) they are in.

I WILL be sharing the data with the public, so please don't disclose anything you feel uncomfortable doing so.

I am not aware the current laws and/or precedence for other states, but in the state of California, an employer cannot retaliate nor discriminate against any employee that discusses their wages under Section 232 (a & b) of the Californian Labor Code (link:

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney nor is this legal advice.

Company Name *
Please do name the company. If not possible, please include the relative size of company, stage of funding (Seed, Series B, Public) and industry space (FinTech, Security, Ads) they are in.
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Company Stage *
Position Title
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Position Type *
Full Time New Grad or Intern
Intern Conversion
If this is a full time offer, did you previously intern there?
Location *
Feel free to be broad for confidentiality's sake. City, State, Country (If not US)
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Base Salary *
Please enter only the numeral version, specify frequency in checkboxes. ONLY include your base salary and not any bonuses/stipends. e.g. 6600 or 95000. Feel free to round salary appropriately.
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Base Salary Rate *
What rate did you specify base salary above. Eg. 15 per hour, 6600 per month or 95000 per year
Housing Stipend
Particularly for internships. Provide stipend amount PER MONTH, if any.
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Signing Bonus
Please include all one-off bonuses/benefits. IE signing bonus, relocation allowance etc. Please specify in numeric form. Leave blank if none.
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Stock Bonuses/Benefits *
Any company ownership/ Stock offers. Please specify in currency/numeric form. Enter 0 if none.
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Stock in currency or number of units *
Stock Vesting Schedule Details
If you'd like to specify more detail. e,g. 4 years vesting schedule with 1 year cliff.
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Additional Benefits
Mostly for non-monetary stuff. e.g. gym membership, free lunch, etc. Listing with comma between items is fine.
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Did You Negotiate the Offer?
Did You Accept the Offer?
Time Frame From First Interview Invitation to Offer in Weeks
Numeral form please
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Sex *
If you choose other, you don't need to specify your specific identity if you don't wish to.
Degree Level *
The level you are currently enrolled in or if completed studies, the highest level achieved.
Last Year of College
If you attended college, choose the year level you have completed/semi-completed by the position start date.
Last School Attended
You can be vague about what school you attended, if you wish. e.g. Ivy League or Midwest State College
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Additional Information
Any additional info you'd like to share. Interview process, what project/team you were offered, length of internship, etc.
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