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Legal Observers & Back office for the Rebellion!
The rebellion needs Legal Observers! If you're a fully trained Legal Observer and want to support our Rebellion for Life on this planet, please sign up to our rota. The shifts that we plan for are fairly long as we try to cover four sites around the clock for a week. However, please leave us comments around whether you want to do shorter (or longer) shifts, especially overnight, or any other needs that we should know about. We would highly appreciate it if you could consider to do night shifts but you know better than us what your boundaries are so please communicate them to us.

We also need rebels to answer the back office phone. Rebels who attended one of our Arrest Watch trainings are especially suitable for this job but we can train anyone up fairly quickly. Legal Observers are needed more urgently than back office supporters - however, you can choose yourself whether you would like to e.g. spend on day on the streets and the next one in the back office to take a break and regenerate.

You can find more information on the International Rebellion here: Please think as early as possible about whether you have any needs that need to be met for you to be able to participate in the rebellion, e.g. accommodation, transport.

Thank you from the XR Legal working group and the rest of the rebellion! We couldn't do this without you! :)

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Would you feel comfortable being an LO coordinator on the ground? That doesn't mean that you have to be a super-experienced LO (although that helps) but that you feel confident managing the LO team and making sure that they are where they're needed.
When could you LO during the International Rebellion in London?
Have you attended an XR Arrest Watch training?
When could you support the Back Office during the International Rebellion in London?
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