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Encinal YC Cruise-out, June 8-9

Cruise Leader: Tim and Carol Petersen
Contact Information:,
Type of Cruise Out: Stern-tie

Details about the Cruise Out:

There will be a Saturday night buffet dinner at Encinal Yacht Club. Please indicate the number for dinner below.

Encinal Yacht Club indicated that a Friday arrival is OK for those that may want to come early. Please ndicate your intended arrival date accordingly.

*** Please call Cruise Leader to Cancel. No Shows will be billed. ***

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Length Overall of your boat, round up. Please include dighny davits and/or bow sprits. This is important for the cruise captain when determining amount of dock space required at the guest dock.
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Time of arrival
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Time of departure on Sunday, March 24th.
Departure time? For potential planning purposes. Note that because of the stern-tie docking it may not be easy or possible to leave independently. Indicate your preference below and if possible we will try to arrange accordingly. Currents look good for a mid-morning departure,. But be prepared to be flexible with respect to departure.
Saturday Night Buffet Dinner
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Number of Children for Dinner
Notes: Any special requests for the Cruise leader? Meal restrictions? Leave a note here.
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