Apply to receive an invitation to the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017
The EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017 is 12-13th June 2017. We have now reached full capacity and we are unable to admit any further delegates.

As such, we are now closing the waiting list and this means that unfortunately we cannot accommodate you this year because we are sold out. The caliber of applicants was exceptionally high. We really appreciate your interest and we will keep you on our list for consideration next year (please let us know if you prefer us not to do so).

However, should you wish to follow the conference in real time, we invite you to visit our website and watch the live streaming of the entire event in the plenary hall (link below).

We do hope you´ll find the time to tune in, and to share your thoughts and engage with us on Twitter (#eatforum and #foodcanfixit). And of course we´d be delighted to see you at next year´s conference, which will mark our five-year anniversary.

Kind regards,

The EAT Stockholm Food Forum team

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