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University of Alberta -- Peter Lougheed Hall Residence 2018-2019

NOTE: Please complete this agreement together with your roommate. You must log in to an account.

The Agreement is a binding document between the residents of the room specified and Residence Services. In signing this agreement, each resident understands and acknowledges that she/he and her/his roommates each have the following rights:

• To live in a clean room;
• To sleep and study without unnecessary disturbances from noise, guests, or other disruptions;
• To host guests with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of the roommate and other residents;
• To expect that a roommate, and his or her guests, will respect others' belongings;
• To free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from a roommate;
• To address and respond to grievances;
• To a degree of personal privacy;
• To be free from fear, intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm and racial or sexual harassment;
• To be free from peer pressure or ridicule if one’s lifestyles choices differ from their roommates’.

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Breaking the Ice: A Roommate Discussion Guide
Starting conversations with someone you know very little about can be awkward and difficult. Here are some suggested topics to help get the conversation flowing!

• Hometown & high school
• My family includes...
• The best thing about home is...
• My friends back home...
• My exposure to people from other cultures / countries
• Before coming to the U of A, I was most involved in...
• High school activities
• I came to university because...
• I plan to major in...
• When I first meet people, I...
• What is your perspective on religion?
• What kind of music, movies and tv shows do you like?
• What habits do we each have that we should know about?
• What are you like in a good mood? Bad mood?
• What do you do when you're feeling down?
• When would you prefer to be left alone?
• What annoys you?
• What makes you laugh?
• How do you relax?
• How will someone know if you're angry or upset?
• What do you need for privacy?
• What conditions do you study the best in?
• An important similarity between us may be...
• An important difference between us may be...
• Smoking and drinking habits (including cannabis use)
• I think we might have to compromise on...
• I look forward to learning more about...
• We should talk more about...

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