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MX Student Minister Job Description and Application Form
The McKnight Crossings Church of Christ is actively seeking to hire a male or female full-time Student Minister for grades 6-12, to help us meet the vision of the youth ministry program.
To encourage, equip, and strengthen the teens relationship with God, their family, His church, and to create positive memories of Christ’s church.
- Students will learn to love God through His words, worship, prayer and obeying Jesus in all things.
- Model and promote growth of individual student worship activities.
- Plan and coordinate corporate student devotionals and worship.
- Find ways to involve and use the students in the church assemblies.
- Develop and implement a plan to train the Students.
- Select and develop curriculum.
- Select, prepare, and encourage teachers.

- Students will find friendships and encouragement from one another.
- Students will have rich connections through the youth group and deliberate connections to the body that will last a lifetime.
- Homes will be strengthened by helping parents love their teens and teens to love their parents during the often-difficult teen years.
- Students to develop five strong relationships with the church body beyond their family.

- Students will learn to love and serve the world God has made.
- Students will learn to bring others to know God and His church.
- Model evangelistic spirit.
- Structure certain activities for unchurched kids.
- Students will be provided opportunities to serve the body at MX, and the wider community.
- Students will reach out to others through mission trips both domestic and foreign.
- Student Minister will eagerly help serve the larger church body as needed (e.g. Block Party, worship assemblies, staff events).

In order to fulfill the responsibilities, the Student Minister will:

- Be a baptized believer who is actively working to strengthen his/her own relationship with God through reading Scripture, prayer, and “one another” relationships.
- Encourage spiritual growth among teens (6th through 12 grade) and families, by leaning on volunteers and parents.
- Build positive and appropriate relationships with individuals (parents and students) from very diverse backgrounds.
- Will effectively communicate (written & oral) with parents, staff, and volunteers.
- Work closely with Senior Minister, Children’s Minister, and Associate Minister for a cohesive and united MX Church, participating in leadership and staff meetings.
- Keep regular church office hours. Reasonable weekly work hours would include a minimum of 40 hours per week divided into approximately 20 hours in the office and 20 hours in activities and 1-1 time with students and / or their parents. The Student Minister will also make himself or herself available during emergencies.
- Teach the Student’s class on a regular basis, having taught all students during the course of a year.
- Provide resources for and coordination of teachers for all training of 6-12 grade.
- Fully communicate and coordinate all Student Ministry activities with students, parents, ministry leaders, teachers, volunteers, and staff. Specifically, a quarterly calendar will be posted by the 1st day of the preceding month.
- Communicate weekly student ministry updates through the bulletin, website, emails, and other media.
- Recruit, hire, prepare, and oversee Summer Interns.
- Properly orient new students and parents to the Student Ministry.
- Coordinate and participate in church programs and community outreach such as Block Party, Service Days, VBS, and Camp Ne-O-Tez.
- Accountable to Senior Minister for day to day ministry.
- Protect at all times the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental welfare of each teen, and will follow appropriate practices of interaction, communication, supervision, and confidentiality to this end.
- Prepare and supervise the Student Ministry budget.
- Fulfill other duties as assigned by the Elders or Senior Minister.

- A 4-year college degree is strongly preferred.
- Full-time Student Ministry and / or extensive Internship experience is required/ desired.
- In good standing with a church body is required.
- Applications Due – August 19.
- Application Screening – August 20-31.
- Interviews – Beginning the week of September 4.
- Finalist Interviews – TBD
Application Procedures
- Apply online by going to
- Questions should be directed to: Eric McPherson, email to
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