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BodyMore Host Committee

We need your help. Kickstarter is all or nothing. Meaning we get all $20K or we go home empty-handed. Failure is not an option.

This is our third year and third and FINAL cycle of fundraising for BodyMore. Your support right now means everything! A Crowdfunding best practice is to raise 30% of our goal in the first 48 hours of your campaign. This means your pledge today to give on March 30th & 31st is crucial. Most campaigns that hit and surpass their goal have strong launches, and the best way to launch with momentum is by sharing it through a strong inner circle.

Help us tell an important story at the intersection of #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, pay our team of young artists, and share a Black woman's narrative with the world today! Join our host committee and get all the perks, exclusive content and V.I.P. access to our premieres!

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Will you join our host committee? This means agreeing to share the campaign with your network through email messaging, social media and/or word of mouth.
Can you pledge early financial supporter of our kickstarter with a contribution of $250 or more on March 30th or 31st?
Will you check out our kickstarter and view our page and give us feedback to make it stronger by March 25th? (Link above)
Do you have any friends who specialize in fundraising? Specifically who have success with kickstarter? Can you share their contact info?
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Want to drop any amazing contacts you have who want to fund emerging artists/filmmakers? Drop their names and contact info here please!
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