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Solutions For Closing The Achievement Gap: An On Point Series And Survey
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On Point is planning a new four-part series to explore the achievement gap in American K-12 schools, what’s causing it — and what’s working to narrow it.

"Achievement gap" refers to the disparity in academic performance or educational attainment between different groups of students.

Is the achievement gap the result of students' lack of achievement, or the lack of opportunities they're offered? What kinds of things are students working on, building and creating in classrooms? How do we define "good" and "bad" schools — and what do they mean to their surrounding communities?

Take this survey, then join us on Mondays in September as we dig into opportunities for schoolchildren, how we learn, the knowledge gap, the history of school integration and more.

And if you have any questions or want to elaborate on any of your answers here, just send us an email at
Do you see an achievement gap in in your local school districts? *
Which of these student groups are your school districts talking about in terms of addressing the achievement gap? *
On a scale of 1-5, how concerned are you about the achievement gap for each of the following student groups in your community’s schools? (1 = least concerned) *
Racial and ethnic minorities
English language learners
Students with disabilities
Gender-based groups
Students from low-income families
How do you define the achievement gap?
Your answer
Are you the parent of school-aged children? *
Are the schools in your community racially diverse? *
Do you think that schools in your community are trying to be equitable (that they serve all students well)? *
Do you think that schools in the United States overall are equitable? *
Do you think racial diversity in schools should be a priority? *
Do you work in education, or have you in the past? *
In your eyes, has the overall education system (and the opportunities it offers) gotten better or gotten worse in recent years? *
In your eyes, has YOUR LOCAL education system (and the opportunities it offers) gotten better or gotten worse in recent years? *
Your answer
Have you, your children or others you know participated in integration policies (for example, busing) for schools? *
If you answered yes to the above question, has/have the policy/policies been effective?
Why or why not?
Your answer
My school district has/is experimenting with ... (select all that apply)
What are some creative, engaging teaching exercises, beyond prepping for standardized testing, that you’ve seen promote better learning? (Ex. Rapping to learn iambic pentameter. Folding origami to learn geometry.)
Your answer
Which of the following best represents your racial or ethnic heritage? Choose all that apply.
How old are you?
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If currently enrolled, highest degree received.
For those living in the U.S.: What region of the country do you live in?
Enter your zip code, so we can track the geographic diversity represented in the survey results. (Not required!)
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Would you be interested in talking to an On Point producer about the series? If yes, leave your email address.
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How do you listen to On Point? (Check all that apply.)
What is your local public radio station?
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