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Subsidy Application - November Building Skills for Change
We subsidize students to make our training accessible to the people who need organizing most. Subsidies generally reduce your tuition costs by 50%. Students who are unemployed or in school may have their fees reduced to $30.

We want you to join our training. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form.
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What kind of subsidy do you need?
Project Goals: “I am organizing WHO to do WHAT by HOW and by WHEN”
We prefer applicants who have clear organizing projects they will use our training to help them complete
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How do you hope to use the skills taught in this workshop?
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Are you responsible for an Organizing Project? (Project name and description)
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Is there anything about your social location (race, class, gender, disability, trans identity, queer identity, indigenous identity, being a primary caregiver, being a single parent, etc.) that you want us to know about?
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