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Trinity College Statement of Solidarity for Professor Johnny Eric Williams!
We, the undersigned faculty at Trinity College, stand in solidarity with our colleague and friend, Professor Johnny Eric Williams. We condemn the violent threats and campaign of harassment being organized against him. We urge Trinity’s administrators to defend this respected scholar and to renounce the violence and false accusations being leveled against him.

On June 18, 2017, Prof. Williams was targeted by several conservative websites. They initially and incorrectly attributed a blog post to Williams, which he had not written but only shared on social media. They also misconstrued several comments Williams had written; creating a false narrative that Williams was advocating violence. These inflammatory posts were widely shared, inciting a campaign of violence and intimidation. A barrage of violent threats by phone and email were directed Williams and Trinity College. So extreme were the threats, Trinity College was forced to shut down all operations on Wednesday, June 21st.

We recognize that Johnny Williams did not call for violence against any person. We respect our colleague as a scholar of race and racism and recognize that he has used social media as a platform to critique structures of racist oppression. We affirm that opposition to a system of oppression does not constitute hate speech. We further understand that, in accordance with AAUP principles, “social media can be used to make extramural utterances and thus their use is subject to Association-supported principles of academic freedom.” The Trinity College Faculty Manual, designed around AAUP principles, provides similar protections for academic freedom. We demand that Trinity College honor such protections.

The attack on Prof. Williams, like the attacks on many other academics (most of whom are scholars of color), is aimed at creating an atmosphere of fear in academia, especially among those who write critically about racism and white supremacy. These attacks tend to proceed – as they did with Prof. Williams – by ripping comments out of context, spinning them in deceptive ways, and plastering them across social media. Such attacks do not generate the critical debate characteristic of a free society, but spur angry individuals to vent their hatred and anger onto professors and their institutions. We reject these tactics of intimidation and denounce the chilling effect they intend to produce upon our lives and our scholarship. We stand firmly against the efforts of those who seek to target, distort, intimidate, and punish scholars, especially scholars of color. We recognize that opposition to a system of oppression does not constitute hate speech. We refuse to allow advocates of hate speech and violence to define what constitutes academic freedom, free speech, or scholarship.

We affirm the principle of academic freedom, and so should the administration. We urge Trinity College’s administration to trust and also affirm the integrity of its faculty. We call on President Berger-Sweeney and Dean Cresswell to vigorously uphold the principles of academic freedom. We will not allow the politics of fear and violence to determine the functioning of this institution of higher learning. We welcome all others, Trinity College faculty, staff, students, alumni, as well as colleagues from other institutions, and community members who feel the same to co-sign this letter.

We stand with Professor Johnny Eric Williams!

1. Rieko Wagoner, LACS
2. Dario Del Puppo
3. Daniel Mrozowski, Trinity College
4. Janet F. Morrison, Ph.D., Trinity College Department of Chemistry
5. Stefanie Chambers
6. Jane Nadel-Klein, Trinity College
7. Nichole Szembrot (Assistant Professor of Economics, Trinity College)
8. Michael A. O'Donnell, Trinity College
9. Diana Aldrete, Trinity College
10. Sarah Bilston
11. Luis Martinez, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
12. Lida Maxwell, associate professor of political science, Trinity College
13. James Trostle, Anthropology Department, Trinity College
14. Miller Brown, Professor of Philosophy, emeritus
15. Christina Heatherton, Trinity College
16. Jordan T. Camp, Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University
17. Serena Laws, Trinity College
18. Erik Vogt, Trinity College
19. Michelle Kovarik, Trinity College
20. Elizabeth Casserly, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College
21. Maurice Wade, Trinity College, Hartford CT
22. Christopher Taylor, University of Chicago
23. Zayde Antrim, Trinity College
24. Daniel Blackburn, Dept of Biology
25. Garth Myers, Trinity College
26. Isaac Kamola, Trinity College
27. Christopher Hager, Trinity College
28. Will Hough
29. Davarian L. Baldwin, Trinity College
30. Lucy Ferriss, Trinity College
31. Vijay Prashad, George and Martha Kellner Chair of South Asian Studies and Professor of International Studies.
32. Gary Reger, Trinity College
33. Patrick Kinsman, IUPUI
34. Cody Maldonado
35. Ethan Rutherford, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Trinity College
36. Barbara Winslow, Brooklyn College
37. Barbara Sicherman, Trinity College,
38. Seth Markle, Trinity College
39. Janet L Bauer, Trinity College
40. Kristin A. Triff
41. Theresa Runstedtler, American University
42. Milla Riggio Trinity College
43. A. Naomi Paik, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
44. Gregory Mitchell, Williams College
45. Hebe Guardiola-Diaz, Biology & Neuroscience
46. Edward E. Baptist, Cornell University
47. Reo Matsuzaki, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Trinity College
48. Kate Griffiths
49. Pablo Delano, Trinity College, Hartford CT
50. Rosario Hubert, assistant professor of Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College
51. Lisa Hajjar, UCSB
52. Abigail Fisher Williamson, Trinity College
53. Diana Evans, Professor, Trinity College
54. Joan D. Hedrick, Charles A. Dana Professor of History
55. Rachel Ida Buff, university of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
56. Frank Kirkpatrick professor emeritus trinity college
57. Cheryl Greenberg, Paul E. Raether Dist. Prof. of History
58. Joe Cleffie
59. Prof. Thomas S. Harrington, Trinity College
60. Sheila Fisher, Trinity College
61. Alexander Manevitz, Trinity College
62. Barbara M. Benedict, Charles A. Dana Professor of English
63. Jack Dougherty, Professor of Educational Studies
64. Ralph Morelli, Trinity College
65. Zach schwartz-Weinstein, PhD
66. Sarah Raskin, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program
67. Corinna Mullin, LMEI
68. James Prakash Younger
69. Dr. Shane Ewegen, Trinity College
70. John Platoff, Professor of Music, Trinity College
71. Rebecca Schreiber
72. Stefanie Chambers
73. Tom Eyers, Duquesne University
74. Mary Sandoval, Department of Mathematics, Trinity College
75. Jake Villarreal '16
76. Patricia Tillman, Associate Professor, Trinity College
77. Javier Arbona, University of California – Davis
78. Samantha Levy Trinity College Class of 2009
79. Patricia Alessandrini, Lecturer, Goldsmiths College, University of London
80. Steve McFarland '00
81. Jia-Hui Stefanie Wong, Visiting Lecturer in Educational Studies, Trinity College
82. Elizabeth Kennedy
83. Adam Miyashiro, Stockton University
84. Beth E. McGarry, Part Time Faculty - Indian River State College, FL
85. Michael Preston, Associate Professor, Trinity College
86. Dr. Andrew Yale, Organizer, SEIU Local 73
87. Jeffrey Bayliss, Associate Professor of History
88. Patricia Tillman, Trinity College
89. Logan Green
90. Taniqua Huguley, student, mentee, now colleague
91. Marilyn Doyle M.D.
92. Ciaran Berry, Associate Professor of English
93. Justin Charron class '17
94. Jennifer Zhang '11
95. W.B. Mutch, University of Alabama
96. Kelly Wubben '10 Alumna
97. Inge Aures, Professor of Modern Languages, DePauw University
98. Aaron Hostetter, Rutgers University-Camden
99. Leuvis M. Oliver (Class of '05)
100. Thu Danh '08 Trin Alum
101. Judene Small
102. Marissa Powers PhD, Trinity College Class of 2009
103. Tamsin Jones, Trinity College
104. Rey Llena, Alumni class of 2015
105. Samantha Alcala, Class of 2011
106. Katie McGuigan, class of 2009
107. Mazin Khalil, Trinity College '15
108. Elizabeth DeWolf, Class of 2010
109. Elizabeth Sibilia, CUNY Graduate Center
110. Alain Davis Alumni
111. Ellen Miller, Rowan University
112. Andrew Cornell, Williams College
113. N. Sebastian White: I stand with Dr. Williams
114. Luc Rioual - Alumnus and former Staff
115. Emily Witt
116. Spencer Beswick, Cornell University
117. petr dann
118. Carlos D. Resto (2003)
119. Dana Heatherton
120. Dorian E. Rojas, Alumni
121. Mike King, Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University
122. Joseph van der Naald, PhD Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
123. Dina Anselmi
124. Lesley Farlow, Associate Professor, Theater and Dance, Trinity College
125. Jack Jackson, Assistant Professor of Politics, Whitman College
126. Sonia Lee Professor Emerita of Language and Culture Studies
127. Alyson K. Spurgas, Trinity College
128. Bibi Alli
129. Mellissa Craig
130. Mary Ebraheem Spence (2009 Alum)
131. Christopher Houlihan, '09, Trinity College Artist-in-Residence
132. Ujju Aggarwal, The New School
133. Anna Terwiel, Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science
134. Kari Theurer (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College)
135. Katherine McArthur '16
136. Rachel Moskowitz, Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Law
137. Selina Ortiz
138. Kevin Bruyneel, Babson College
139. John Jabbour, Trinity College, Class of 2007
140. Nick Boekell '17
141. Allison MIllstein
142. Giuliana Palma, Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College
143. Laura Sachiko Fugikawa Smith College
144. Michal Ayalon
145. Zachary Levenson, UC Berkeley
146. Jamie Brandel '17
147. Andrea Nicholson - Alumni
148. Maura Griffith, Trinity College Class of 2017
149. Carol Clark, Associate Professor, Trinity College
150. Alexandra Sheldon, Class of 2009
151. Dr. Ann Fink, UW-Madison
152. Scott Gac, Trinity College
153. Emily Popov Trinity College class of 2017
154. Tanetta Andersson, Trinity College
155. Silvia Fedi
156. Joel C. Relihan, Wheaton College, MA
157. Mariyann Soulemane
158. Asia Wells, Trincoll student
159. George Hairston, Jr. Trinity' 12
160. Samar Al-Bulushi, Yale University
161. Andrea Dyrness, Trinity College
162. George Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel University
163. Shanice Hinckson
164. Mila G. - in solidarity with Prof. Williams!
165. Luis A. Amaro, Trinity College
166. Tommy J. Curry
167. Riley Keefe
168. Artie Alfreds, citizen
169. Tommy J. Curry, Texas A&M University
170. Adam Matthews (Retail Store Manger, Wilmington DE)
171. Carol Correa de Best
172. Laura Lockwood '95
173. John T. Miller, PhD, USN (Ret)
174. Greg Schrank
175. Joseph Neumann, librarian, University of Maryland School of Law
176. Rosalia Morel - Trinity '11 and former student of Prof. Williams
177. Ivan Belcic '08
178. Milla Riggio, Trinity College
179. Richard Estes, individual, Sacramento, CA
180. Monete Johnson Trinity College 2011
181. Bill Solomon, community member
182. Hye In Kim, alumni 2010
183. Dillard Taylor, alumni '12
184. Brian Connolly, University of South Florida
185. Andrew Baldizon
186. Corey Payne, Ph.D. Student, Johns Hopkins University
187. Mareike Koertner
188. Iyko Day, Mount Holyoke College
189. Anna Mariotti. Trinity alum
190. Spencer Jackson, The University of Queensland, Australia
191. Norman Clement
192. Per Sebastian Skardal (Trinity College)
193. Maureen Masterson
194. marcia aldrich, Michigan State University
195. Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur, Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology, Rhode Island College
196. Martha Risser
197. Mitchell Polin
198. Rachel Botts
199. Dr. Christopher Churchill, Associate Professor of History and Global Studies, Alfred University
200. Bob Reutenauer, alumni
201. Mary Ellen Molski, alum, BA '11, MA 15'
202. David Young, ABD, Duquesne University
203. Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch Magazine
204. Joshua Blanchfield
205. Erika Niwa, Brooklyn College
206. Minh-Ha T. Pham, Associate Professor, Pratt Institute
207. Briana Miller- Class of 2018
208. Joe Emersberger
209. Osamah Khalil, Assoc. Prof., History, Syracuse University
210. Daphne Donahue, Trinity alumna
211. Marlen Miranda (Student Class 2020)
212. Diana Paulin, Associate Professor of American Studies and English
213. Jessica Treat, Professor, Northwestern CT Community College
214. Eric Martin -- Fordham
215. Laura Rozza
216. Daniel Kittridge
217. Edward P. Kazarian, Trinity '93 / Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, Rowan University
218. Wilson Valentín-Escobar, Ph.D., Hampshire College
219. Andrea Wise, Class of 2011
220. David Kazanjian, University of Pennsylvania
221. Bhumika Chou
222. Ha Thu Nguyen
223. Laura Greenfield, faculty, Hampshire College
224. Elliot Sperber
225. Diana Ryan
226. Jeannie Guzman, Trinity alum
227. Alisa G. Cox-West
228. Dan Lloyd, Professor, Department of Philosophy
230. Jessica nunes
231. Arthur Schneider
232. Yipeng Shen, Trinity College
233. Susan Masino, Trinity College
234. Anthony Alessandrini, City University of New York
235. Lauren Anderson, Connecticut College
236. Jarratt Lewis
237. Chase Anderson (Trinity alum '07)
238. Robert J Corber, William R Kenan Professor in American Institutions and Values, Trinity College
239. Judah Schept, Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
240. Andrew Hsiao, Verso Books
241. Eric Galm, associate professor, Trinity College
242. Elizabeth Kong- Trinity College
243. Carolyn Carta, University of California
244. Linda Tabar, Trinity College
245. Myles Bristow, Alumnus
246. Larry Malick
247. Leigh Patel
248. Rose Lopez Morrison '10
249. Debra Cohen
250. Dr. William Armaline, SJSU
251. Ron Brown
252. Zifeng Liu, Cornell University
253. Alessandro De Giorgi, San Jose State University
254. Priscilla A Herrington, MA, Salem State University
255. Sharmy Dhaliwal, alumna
256. Jessica Blatt, Marymount Manhattan College
257. Shannon Page '12
258. Polly Moran, CNM Hartford, CT
259. Inderpal Grewal, Yale university
260. Cindy martinez
261. Jessica Williams '12
262. Inderpal Grewal, Yale university
263. Casey Butcher, Coordinadora Antirracista La Champurria (Santiago, Chile)
264. Ana Y Ramos-Zayas
265. David Schultz Windsor Education Association
266. Charlie Kerr
267. Alice futch
268. Suzanne Cook - friend
269. Shahnila Malik (student)
270. Joseph Lowndes, Universiry of Oregon
271. Priscilla Meléndez, Trinity College
272. Sanford Schram, Hunter College, CUNY
273. Franco Barchiesi, associate professor, Ohio State University
274. Melissa F. Lavin, Assistant Professor, SUNY
275. Jacob Slichter
276. Steve Thornton
277. Lyle Horn, PH.D., Temple University
278. Maggie Clinton, Middlebury College
279. Gene Leach, Professor of History and American Studies Emeritus
280. Kelly Nielsen, UC Merced
281. Megan Fountain, University of Connecticut
282. Alice Auth, (Alice McCartney, class of 1997)
283. Nicholas Woolley, Department of Economics
284. Beverly Naidus, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Washington, Tacoma
285. Amitava Kumar
286. Viana Turcios-Cotto, Ph.D., Hartford resident
287. Xiangming Chen, Trinity College
288. Ike Onukogu NJIT
289. Laura McHenry - Speaker at Trinity Hip Hop Festival '16
290. Aranya Albert, Class of 1996
291. Michael Stern, University of Oregon
292. Eli Meyerhoff, Duke University
293. Aidalí Aponte-Avilés - Trinity College
294. Rebecca Givan, Rutgers University
295. Shafqat Hussain, Trinity College
296. Camryn Clarke, Trinity College '17
297. Ryan Watson (Assistant Prof. | Misericordia University)
298. Jairus Grove, University of Hawai'i
299. Constanza Segovia, Hartford resident and Trinity College visiting lecturer
300. Neha Surender
301. Zakia Salime
302. Mark Stater, Assoc Prof of Economics, Trinity College
303. Prathim-Maya Dora-Laskey, Alma College
304. William Mace, Psychology, Trinity College
305. Yesenia Barragan, Dartmouth College
306. Mark Bray, Dartmouth College
307. Haley Kimmet, Trinity College '08
308. Michael Lestz Trinity College
309. Irene Papoulis, Trinity College
310. Jorge R. Castro, Trinity College
311. Molly Rose '09
312. Thomas Naragon, Trinity College '17
313. Chiarra Davis, Trinity College '17
314. Robert Hershey, '12
315. Steven Klein University of Florida
316. Kelly Howard, Trinity '08'
317. Katie Masi, class of 2013
318. Rachael D'Agostino, Bristol, CT
319. Jonathan Walters, Whitman College
320. Steve Curley, RUN BHS
321. Pavel Blagov, PhD, Whitman College
322. Ankit Saraf '10
323. Amanda Michelle Jones, ASW, PhD Student @ University of Chicago
324. Denisa Jashari, Trinity College Class of 2010
325. Sara Kippur, associate professor, Trinity College
326. Lisa Sapolis, former Associate Director and Director at Trinity College, 2004-2015
327. Andrea Gibbons, University of Salford, UK
328. David Lenzner Trinity College '08, M.Ed
329. Charlie Fuentes, Trinity College '08
330. Georgia Summers, Trinity College '15
331. Fatma Dilan Kurt, Trinity College
332. Bonnie Honig, Brown University
333. Karen Graubart, University of Notre Dame
334. Dr Mark Bould, UWE Bristol
335. Laika Abdulali, Trinity College '13
336. Sade Lake, Class of 2010
337. Jean Beaman, Purdue University
338. Grace Gill in solidarity with Professor Williams, a brilliant teacher and mentor
339. Paul Lauter, Professor of English Emeritus
340. Claire Oberon Garcia, Colorado College
341. Jessica London-Rand, Trinity '02
342. Catherine Paden, Simmons College
343. Kate Bergren, Trinity College
344. Elizabeth Markovits, Mount Holyoke College
345. Akeem Perkins '13
346. Juliet Izon 2007
347. McKenzie Angelo Seecharan, Trinity Alumna Class of 2013, Presidential Fellow for the Educational Studies Department
348. Sean Cocco Trinity College
349. Nat Baldwin, University of Southern Maine
350. Benjamin Carbonetti, Trinity College
351. Timothy Margolin, Trinity College
352. Jack Gieseking, Trinity College
353. Lori Marso, Union College
354. Jennifer Perrone, LMSW, '09
355. Jennifer Bolmarcich, Amherst College
356. Sarah Watson '15
357. Kevin J. McMahon, Professor of Political Science, Trinity College
358. Karl Haberlandt, Trinity College
359. Nancy Bowden
360. Lisa Foster, Trinity College faculty
361. Diane Zannoni, Trinity College faculty
362. Mercer West, University of Georgia
363. Francois-Xavier Plasse-Couture, University of Hawai'i
364. Kelli D Potter, Assoc Prof of Philosophy, Utah Valley University
365. Diego Rossello, Assistant Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
366. DonnaDale Marcano, Philosophy, Trinity College
367. Paroma Soni, Trinity Alum
368. Marie desJardins, University of Maryland Baltimore County
369. Molly Cohen, Trinity College '12
370. Kaitlyn Sprague, Trinity College '16
371. Todd Ryan, trinity College
372. Ann Grinnell
373. Candace Baker, class of 2014
374. Catherine Zimmer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
375. Zoraida Lopez , Trinity College, 03
376. Jervon Adams Jr., Trinity College '20
377. Martina Di Florio, Trinity College
378. Bruce H. Price M.D., Harvard Medical School
379. Laurie Naranch, Siena College
380. Cindy Molina-Howell, class of 2004
381. Jocelyn Linnekin, Professor of Anthropology, University of Connecticut
382. Lori Waite
383. Breanna Garcia-Ladiana, Trinity College '12
384. Melanie Jacobs
385. Nancy J Wyshinski, Trinity College
386. Natasha Stacey-Reid, 96'
387. Samantha Montalbano, '13
388. Jessie Newville, Agnes Scott College 2013
389. Kerridene Small
390. Alice Martynova class 2020
391. Carol Any, Associate Professor, Trinity College
392. Charles B. Schultz, Emeritus Educational Studies Trinity College
393. Kent Dunlap, Biology, Trinity College
394. Joe Bean, Kent State University
395. Alex Fleet, History, Kent State University
396. Ben Brucato, Lecturer, University of Massachusetts Amherst
397. Joseph Sanderson-Brown '18
398. Darien Franco, Trinity College '14
399. Ritu G Khanduri, University of Texas at Arlington
400. Samia Kemal, Trinity College '14, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health '16
401. Natalia Kolakowska '14
402. Amanda Persad, Trinity College 2010
403. Paul de Lucena, Class of 2002
404. David Sipprelle; Trinity College '14, Temple University School of Law '17
405. Annick Bickson '14
406. Caroline Meckel, Class of 2008
407. Drew A. Hyland, Charles A. Dana Professor Emeritus, Trinity College
408. Joshua King, Trinity College
409. Raymond Baker, Trinity College
410. David J. Vázquez, Associate Professor of English, University of Oregon
411. Alyssa Bowen, PhD Candidate, UNC-CH
412. David Fieni, SUNY Oneonta
413. Wil Cook
414. Michael A. Grubb, Trinity College
415. Brian Z. Zayatz
416. Amanda Goodrum Trinity College Class of 2004
417. Alain Lopez '04
418. Michael Arnush, Skidmore College
419. Venus Nunez, Trinity College Class of 2014
420. Karla Mardueno--Trinity 15' Howard University School of Law 19'
421. Carlton McLendon, Trinity College '15
422. Mark Ferreira, Trinity College Class of 2017
423. Sarah Wallingford '15
424. Kathleen Kete, Trinity College
425. Joelle Thomas, Trinity College
426. Lee Bebout, Arizona State University
427. Laura Grattan, Wellesley College
428. Evan Turiano '16, PhD Student, CUNY Graduate Center
429. Robert Cotto, Jr.
430. Raymond Baker, Trinity College
431. Stephanie Gilmore, former Asst Prof of American Studies and History
432. Shero Malik, Trinity College 2003
433. Laquisha Grant
434. Joel Figueroa
435. Maura Hallisey, Hartford resident
436. Jim Crombie
437. Sanjay Thapa '17
438. Jennifer Rieg Gellert, Trinity College '03
439. Olivia Berry - Trinity College Alumna
440. Clare Rossini, Trinity College
441. Joseph Byrne, Trinity College
442. J. Harry Blaise
443. Alex Brooks, former student
444. Jessica McKeown, Indiana University
445. Daniella Salazar Herrera, Trinity '17
446. Adam Bush, College Unbound
447. Meredith Safran, Assistant Professor of Classics, Trinity College
448. Nathalie Arnold Koenings, Hampshire College
449. Lisa Bauman, Educator
450. Dylan Spagnuolo '17
451. Matthew W. Hughey
452. Rebecca Tompkins, Leiden University (Trinity College '11)
453. Erica Martinson '03
454. Michelle Christian, University of Tennessee
455. Regina Movillion
456. Dan Román, Trinity College
457. Zandria F. Robinson
458. Jessica Greenebaum, Central Connecticut State University
459. Khyati Joshi, Fairleigh Dickinson University
460. Heather Munro Prescott, Professor of History, CCSU
461. Robert Cotto, Jr.
462. Sailakshmi Ramgopal, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Trinity College
463. Katherine Lahti, Trinity College
464. Johannes Evelein, Trinity College
465. Zophia Edwards, Providence College
466. Julia Conforti, Trinity College '16
467. Samuel Bryan, Trinity College '20
468. Arthur Schneider, Trinity College
469. Jennifer Halstead-Kenny, Trinity College '98
470. Brii Kuz '18
471. Ellis Foley, Trinity College '14
472. Virginia Metaxas, professor Emerita, Southern Connecticut State University
473. Gautam Premnath, Independent Scholar (taught at Trinity in spring 2000)
474. Jessica Filion, Trinity College 2003
475. April Snoparsky, Trinity College
476. Kristine A. Olsen, Sociology, University of Connecticut
477. Max Haiven, Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice, Lakehead University
478. Ariel Cruz
479. Rebecca Hill, Kennesaw State University
480. Jennifer Kelly, UCSD
481. Jasmin Williams '17
482. Elsa Auerbach, Professor Emerita, UMass Boston
483. Jennifer Ponce de León, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
484. Mark He, UNC
485. Brendan Balint, Perimeter College, Georgia State U.
486. Gabriel Rocha, Drexel University
487. Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, Professor of History, UConn
488. Nichole Shippen, CUNY
489. Adachi Ogbenna
490. Susan Calabro Brown, Trinity class of 1973, and Selbourne Brown, Triniy class of 1095
491. Ifeanyi Okoh, Trinity College '15
492. Annette Fernandez, Trinity College '96
493. Brandon Daniels, Graduate Student, Syracuse University
494. Silvia Dominguez, Northeastern University
495. Swati Birla, University of Massachusetts Amherst
496. Keisha John, Class of 2008
497. Daniel Olmos, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Denver
498. Shelley Streeby, University of California, San Diego
499. Ichi Ha, Trinity College '16
500. Sakile Broomes, Trinity College
501. Emily Dowden, Trinity College '18
502. Leah Richards, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY, faculty
503. Laura Barrett, Trinity college '03
504. Josh Cerretti '06, Assistant Professor of History, Western Washington University
505. Nagesh Rao, Lecturer, Colgate University
506. Dan Walls, Stanford PhD Candidate 2018
507. Dean Spade, Seattle University School of Law
508. Dan C. Shoemaker, Ph.D.
509. Celeste O'Connor , '14
510. Sarah Weisberg Larson, Trinity College '03
511. Robert Boikess Professor of Chemistry Rutgers New Brunswick
512. Treva Ellison, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
513. Julia Melnick, Trinity College '12
514. Jeff St. Andrews, UC Santa Barbara
515. Karen Thompson, Rutgers University
516. Brian Dott, Whitman College
517. Qalandar Memon
518. Barbara Karger, Associate Professor, Trinity College Department of Theater and Dance
519. Char Ullman, University of Texas at El Paso
520. Patrick Rielly, Trinity College '10
521. Heather Dalmage, Roosevelt University
522. David Burszan '12
523. Stefan Dolgert, Brock University
524. Tshion Assefa, Trinity College '19
525. Jorell Diaz Class of 2013
526. LB Johnson
527. Pennelloppe
528. Yaoqi Guo '17
529. Erika Grad
530. Maureen welch class of 2003
531. Judy Dworin, Professor Emerita, Trinity College
532. Abigail A. Sewell, Faculty in Department of Sociology, Emory University
533. Elizabeth Mattison, Hampshire College
534. David Winer, professor, emeritus, Trinity College
535. Samara Strauss, Trinity College '07
536. Megan Hartline, Associate Director of Community Learning, Trinity College
537. Crystal Hayes, Smith College C'06
538. Dana Cloud, Syracuse University
539. Armond R. Towns, University of Denver
540. Kifah Hanna, Trinity College
541. Sarah Giragosian, University at Albany SUNY
542. Elise Bouhet, New York University
543. Charles Haberl, Assistant Professor and Chair, Rutgers University
544. Jesse Allen Trinity College class of 2012
545. Annmarie Nye
546. Jonathan Rivas, Trinity College 2010
547. Christopher Macca, Trinity College '17
548. Asher Wycoff, Adjunct Lecturer, Brooklyn College
549. Carlos Gardeazabal Bravo, University of Connecticut
550. Andrew Herrera, Southwestern University '17
551. Ayten Gundogdu, Associate Professor of Political Science, Barnard College
552. Yasmine Delgado, alumna '14
553. Rich Prigodich, Professor of Chemistry, Trinity College
554. Joya Misra, UMass Amherst
555. Dave Rozza
556. GT Daniels
557. Stanya Kahn, adjunct faculty UCLA
558. Richard Lynch, Berklee College '17
559. Paula Russo, Trinity College
560. Cassandra Dipini , Hartford resident
561. David Stein, UCLA
562. corey dolgon, stonehill college
563. Brittany English, Trinity College 2008
564. Taylor kennedy, Trinity College Alumna 2017
565. Chelsey Stewart, Trinity '12
566. Marnie Ritchie, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin
567. Howard Winant, UC Santa Barbara
568. Marina Haworth, North Hennepin Community College
569. Ryan Pellico, Trinity College
570. Daniel Delgado Texas A&M San Antonio
571. Cheyenne Brindle, Trinity College
572. Zoë Lawlor, University of Limerick
573. Dylan Ingram '18
574. Dana Colihan, Oberlin '17
575. Alexander Cole, Trinity College class of 2009
576. Francisco Goldman, Trinity English Department
577. Molly Belsky, Trinity College '16
578. Tony Hall, Trinity in Trinidad
579. Lynne Byall Benson, lecturer UMass Boston
580. Pekah Wallace, Constitution scholar and civil rights advocate.
581. walda katz-fishman, Howard University
582. David Mauro, Trinity College
583. Emily Horn, Trinity '15
584. Megan Ferreira, SUNY ESF 2017
585. Karen Tejada, University of Hartford
586. Andrew Douglas, Morehouse College
587. William Bradford, Harvard
588. Melissa Yennie, Hartford Resident
589. Hyacinth Yennie, Hartford Resident & Community Activist
590. Jeff Foye '97
591. Thomas Wickman, Trinity College
592. Denise Rau, Chemistry Department, Trinity College
593. Jared Fernandes '99
594. David Tatem, Trinity College
595. Ella Myers, University of Utah
596. David Reuman, Trinity College
597. Adriana Garriga-Lopez, Kalamazoo College
598. Keith Danner, UC Irvine
599. Dawn Tawwater, Austin Community College
600. Lori Puopolo, Trinity College '18
601. Linel Salcedo NYU 2009
602. Stephen Barnard, St. Lawrence University
603. Donna Bubb
604. hephzibah strmic-pawl, Manhattanville College
605. Debbie Cook
606. William Barnett, Former Dean of Graduate Studies, Trinity College
607. Benjamin R. Adams
608. Robert McGrath, Trinity College '08
609. Joseph Cohen, '75
610. Alexis Roberts, Wesleyan University '16
611. Bhoomi K Thakore, Elmhurst College
612. Erin Poskocil, Trinity College '84
613. Jonathan Gonzalez '13
614. Veronica Sousa, Doctoral Student, Princeton University
615. James Barrett, Trinity '17
616. Medora Barnes, Assoc. Prof. of Sociology, John Carroll University (Trinity Alum '02)
617. Anthont Rosado '13
618. Ashley C. Rondini, Franklin and Marshall College
619. Cara Bowman, '05
620. Steve Jones, UNH
621. Luis E. Cotto, Trinity IDP
622. Deborah Goffe, Assistant Professor, Hampshire College
623. Catherine Vallone, human
624. Natalie Sowell, Hampshire College
625. Heidi Henderson, Connecticut College
626. Megan O'Brien '14, M'17
627. Khury Petersen-Smith, Tufts University
628. Kathleen Feyh, Asst. Teaching Professor, Syracuse University
629. Paige Marie Robinson Greene, Trinity '13
630. Emanuela Bianchi, Assistant Professor, New York University
631. Robyn C. Spencer, Lehman College
632. David G. Embrick, University of Connecticut
633. Geoff Pfeifer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
634. Chad Kautzer, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Lehigh University
635. David J. Kim, SUNY Purchase
636. Susana Loza, Hampshire College
637. Michael Norton, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
638. Claire Haley, Trinity '08
639. Eric Anthony Grollman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Richmond
640. Sally Everson, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
641. Megan Williams , Connecticut College
642. Mark Setterfield, New School for Social Research
643. Sarah Clancy, Trinity College
644. Robert D. Skeels, J.D. Candidate, Peoples College of Law
645. Bernie Mshana, Trinity College '19
646. Ginetta E.B. Candelario, Smith College
647. Amber Townsend, Trinity College '17
648. Christina Soriano, '98
649. Priya Kandaswamy, Mills College
650. David Vaughn
651. Jesse Benn UW - Madison PhD student
652. Jason Villani
653. Maritza Ubides, Trinity College '97
654. Nadia Kim, Loyola Marymount University
655. Micah Doucette, Bard College at Simon's Rock
656. Jina Kim, Mount Holyoke College
657. Malcolm Evans '13
658. Rebekah S. Nicolas '19
659. Katie Stevinson-Nollet, University of Hartford
660. Zifeng Liu, PhD student, Cornell University
661. Yuly Susaya, Hartford resident, Smith College '02
662. Alyssa Baylor, Class of 2012
663. Jeremy Dam, Trinity'17
664. Conor Tomás Reed, Graduate Center, City University of New York
665. Omari Jackson Morgan State University
666. Bogdan Popa, University of Cambridge
667. Shannon Mackey '99
668. David Bliven, S.U. Alum, National Lawyers Guild
669. Beth Williford, Manhattanville College
670. Shanelle Morris, Trinity College '16
671. Peter Warner, Santa Rosa Junior College
672. Julie Solomon, Trinity College
673. Eric Larson, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
674. Manu Vimalassery, Barnard College
675. Jill Green, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
676. Mary Ann Clawson, Wesleyan University
677. Beth Notar
678. Dan Clawson, Professor, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
679. Melissa McCarron, PhD, North Central College
680. Anthony Cappetta, public school teacher, member of Chicago Teachers Union
681. Alexandre Mabilon, Trinity College class of 1994
682. Sina Kramer, Loyola Marymount University
683. Julia Ott, The New School
684. Christian Schoder, Phd, The New School for Social Research
685. Duncan K Foley New School for Social Research
686. Ying Chen, The New School
687. Christopher White, Trinity College '97 IDP
688. Kia Lemos
689. Darrick Hamilton, associate professor, The New School
690. Noreen Channels, Trinity College
691. Susan Crimmins , Trinity '75
692. Robert Newby, professor emeritus, Central Michigan University
693. Martha Ecker, Professor of Sociology, Ramapo College of New Jersey
694. Veronica Zuniga, Trinity College
695. Sheila S. Sicilia, professor, Onondaga Community College

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