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新冠疫苗注册登记表 Covid-19 Immunization Registration Form
地点:6025 Sovereign Dr., Houston, TX 77036
This event was hosted by Zhengnan Yin MD, PhD, Health Education for Asian League of Houston, Chinese Bible Church, Light and Salt Association, Chinese Nursing Association, and Chinese Seniors Association of Houston
Date: June 5th, 2021
Address: 6025 Sovereign Dr., Houston, TX 77036
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Before you receive the vaccine, please inform us if you have a history of serious allergy. 如果您有严重过敏反应的病史,请在接种疫苗前告知我们。You are not eligible for Covid-19 vaccination if any of the following applies to you:(1) You are currently having a fever; (2) You were infected with covid-19 within the last 3 months; (3) You were treated for Covid-19 infection with passive antibody therapy(4) You have already received Covid-19 vaccine somewhere. 如果您有下述情况,应该考虑推迟接种疫苗(1)正在发热(2)3个月内感染过新冠病毒(3)感染新冠病毒期间接受过免疫治疗(4)您已经在其它地方接受了新冠疫苗。 *
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