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SBY Work-Study Application
Thank you for filling out this application for the South Boston Yoga Studio Work-Study program!
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We require our work-study staff to be active members of the community (i.e. attending classes) for at least 1 month prior to applying for the program. If you’re a new student we encourage you to take advantage of our 2 new student promotions ($5 first class and 2 weeks for $25) and then re-apply!
Have you been employed by a gym or studio before? *
Do you have experience with the administrative side of MindBodyOnline? *
Do you have customer service experience? *
Would you prefer a customer-facing role or a behind-the-scenes (cleaning) role at the studio? *
Can you commit to at least 2 hours of work-study each week? *
Our work-study exchange requires a 2 hour/week commitment (same schedule week-to-week) in exchange for an unlimited class membership to the studio.
Can you commit to at least 4 months with the work-study program? *
We ask for a commitment of at least 4 months due to the time that it takes to train and integrate new work-study staff members into our community!
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