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2018 Confirmation Request Form
Please fill out this form to request a confirmation Date. If you have any questions please call 401-278-4587
Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence
Office of Divine Worship
Before you submit the online form, please consider the following points:
• This year, as was the case last year, we are asking parishes with weeknight celebrations to consider a 6:00 PM or earlier ceremony. At the discretion of the pastor, a 5:30, 6:00, 6:30 or 7:00 PM celebration may be requested. This arrangement has been seen as a great benefit, especially on a school night.

• Considering a date in February or March allows for greater ease in scheduling.

• Confirmation outside of Mass is an option to consider; however Sunday Confirmations require the celebration of Mass.

Parishes with fewer than 20 candidates must consider the following options (Please note, this policy is being strictly enforced due to the number of confirmations scheduled in each season and with only two bishops available for parish visits):
A. Becoming part of the Cathedral Multi-Parish celebrations.
B. Combining with a neighboring parish(es).
C. Confirming your class every other year. (9th and 10th graders may be confirmed together, even if your number amounts to less than 20 every other year)

(If you have fewer than 20 candidates this year and have not previously elected one of the aforementioned options, please feel free to contact the Office of Divine Worship [401-278-4587] with any questions or concerns before submitting your request form.)

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** Note, Confirmations held on Sundays and Holy Days require the celebration of Holy Mass
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