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TowerX Exchange Direct Listing Form (ERC20 tokens only)
Note: This form is for direct listing of coin on TowerX exchange. For listing coin by community voting process, you need to fill this form .

Your token should meet the following requirements for direct listing on TowerX:

1. The token should be ERC20 token built on Ethereum platform.
2. The total supply of tokens should be fixed.
3. The token code has to be verified on Etherscan website.

Token selection process:

1. You need to first fill this google form.
2. You need to quote a listing FEE that you want to pay for listing on TowerX. The maximum quote for listing fee is 30 ETH. Listing fee is to be paid in ETH only after our team confirms the listing of your coin (token). There is no minimum listing fee.
3. Quoting high listing fee increases your chances of getting listed on TowerX. But quoting high listing fee does not guarantee a listing on TowerX. We evaluate every project before listing.

The tokens will be initially paired against ETH. Once the tokens gains popularity and trading volume, it will also be paired against TBE.

For further queries you can contact us at
Is your token ERC20? *
Name of token (example: TowerBee) *
Token Symbol (example: TBE) *
Token Address on Etherscan website *
Your project website address *
Your email id where we can contact you. *
Link to your official telegram group. *
How much ETH you want to pay as listing fee? (Maximum value is 30 ETH) *
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