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Petition to Remove Anthony Scaramucci from The Fletcher Board of Advisors
For those unaware, Anthony Scaramucci, the disgraced White House Communications Director is on the Fletcher Board of Advisors. His lack of judgement displayed in his White House role was frankly enough in my opinion to have him removed from the board. His "advice" is not worthy of our institution, and his presence on the board could be a disincentive for new students looking to attend Fletcher and alums looking to donate to the school. And now there is more. His new personal news site The Scaramucci Post tweeted multiple very inappropriate Holocaust trivialization posts last month, only one of which they apologized for. They claim that one of the tweets was not approved by Scaramucci himself, who is traveling. This does not matter. It is his personal publication and he is responsible for the people he hires and the content they put out. He has shown, yet again, that he is unfit to make good judgements and that he is an embarrassment. This is not a partisan issue. Scaramucci is an opportunist, not a conservative. He donated to Hillary Clinton in 2007 and the Obama campaign in 2008 and has admitted that he voted for Bill Clinton and Obama in the past.

To repeat - This is not about Scaramucci's politics or him as a person, as he seems to think

The names submitted on this form will be added to the larger petition (which has almost 250 signatures) that had to be locked due to tampering.

UPDATE 11/16: The administration will be addressing us in person about Scaramucci and the board: I will provide updates here

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