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Website Development Requirements Gathering Form
The following document will help you when approaching us for a website quotation – it contains all of the necessary information we need in order to build your proposal as accurately as possible.

Of course, not all information will be relevant to you or your project – please feel free to skip these, or indeed if you do not understand or don’t yet know what you need in a particular area, just leave it blank – we can always ask you at a later date.
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General Information
Your name: *
Business/organization name and address: *
What is are the specific business objective of this project? *
Do you have an existing website already? If so, why are you looking to redevelop? Please give website URLs where relevant.
What are your ideal timescales for the project?
Please list at least two competitive websites and relevant URLs, and comment on what you like/dislike about them:
How crucial will your website be to your overall business model? For example, will it be your primary source of income or more of information portal to sell product elsewhere?
Please indicate your anticipated budget for the project. This is important to establish your expectations for your project.
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