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Registration for Bavarchi presented by Chef Kala
From the creative mind of renowned Celebrity Chef, Chef Nellu Kaura a new venture by the name of "Chef Kala" on both Facebook and Instagram has been started. The main aim of Chef Kala is to provide maximum and correct information to people regarding the culinary field. To solve the queries is also one of the motives. It has a great wide scope which is to be expanded soon.
Chef kala has taken a step to promote the people with hidden Culinary skills. So , keeping in mind our Mother Tongue , we named the upcoming Cooking Contest "Bavarchi”. Bavarchi is an open cooking contest where participants from varied locations are welcomed. The main aim of Bavarchi is to bring out the hidden talent in the Home Chefs , Girls , Boys who never took an initiative to showcase it. It’s main motive is to instill a level of confidence in maximum number of people as it is an essential key towards success.

Rules and Regulations
1. A pure vegetarian cooking contest where participants will bring cooked dishes from home inthe 1st Round. No cooking will be allowed at the venue.
2. Extra weightage to the fusioned, innovative dishes will be given.
3. The portion of cooked dishes should not be for more than 2 persons. Presentation with thelittle portion will be appreciated.
4. Reassembling / Presentation of the precooked dishes will be allowed.
5. Microwave and Refrigerator will be provided.
6. Carry your own microwave safe heating utensils to reheat your cooked dishes.
7. The Management will not be responsible for any loss , damage or if any of the belongings got misplaced.
8. Carry your own Napkins , spoons , required utensils for the plating and tasting of judges.
9. Top 10 will be shortlisted for the Finale.
10. The registration fees ( Rs 500 for all , Rs 300 for students ) once paid is Non Refundable andNon Transferable.
11.Students are requested to present their i cards to avail special student discount.
12. Last date for the registration is 22nd August , 2019
13. No oral registeration will be accepted. Registration will be confirmed only after the payment.
14. Everyone above the age of 12 years is allowed to participate. Home cooks , girls , boys allare welcomed.
15. Punctuality must be kept in mind on the date of contest. Try to reach before the scheduled time.
16. 10 additional sub titles will be given among the participants. For example : "Best Dessert" , "Best Indian Dish " and many more like this.( Make sure , these are just the examples. Sub titles could be different )
17. Judgement will be done differently from the student category and the home cook category.Top finalists will be chosen from both the categories.

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