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Hickory Pit 2 Viking Select Team Fundraiser Form
The Viking Select Soccer Teams are having a fundraiser that is simply delicious, we would really appreciate it if you could help out our team by ordering a great meal.

We are having a BBQ~to~GO FUNDRAISER. The fundraiser will be benefiting the Viking select Soccer Teams. The BBQ will be from the Hickory Pit 2. It is delicious. You can order either online from this form or you can order from ANY Select Soccer Team player.

We have 2 BBQ Offerings:

OPTION 1. $12 Pork plate - includes Pork, slaw, baked beans, and a piece of Texas Toast

OPTION 2. $20 Ribs - includes Full Pork Rib Slab in Foil


1, Pick up your meals in the MGM Soccer parking lot...THURSDAY August 15th from 6 to 8 pm

2, Pick up your meals Publix parking lot at Airport and University FRIDAY August 16th at 11 AM .

**Text me at 251-288-9297 if you cannot make pick up 1.**


Simply fill it out and hit 'submit' - Tracy Whatley will contact you about payment within 24 hours!

Tracy Whatley will send you a PayPal invoice with your total and you will either print it and pay in person (Cash) or you can Pay the invoice directly through PayPal.

PLEASE press NEXT to complete the Order Form.

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