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NRW - All Stakeholder Voices
The purpose of this survey is to hear from all stakeholders in the NRW community. As we build our vision, mission and strategic plan for NRW, it is our intention to have the voice of each participant heard and understood. In order for that to occur, we are asking you to please take the time to fill this out. Thank you!
I am a (check all that apply) *
If I heard someone talking about the NRW school district, I would hope to hear them say that it is- *
The current Mission Statement for the NRW School District is, " prepare each student for a successful future." I _____ that this statement should remain. *
What was your rationale for your rating? (Optional)
What does "prepare each student for a successful future" mean to you? Consider what you believe are traits for success (Responsible, Self- Aware, Compassionate, Academically Diverse...) *
Our current Cougar Pride Traits are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Learner. Do you believe that these traits are the THREE most important? *
If you answered the above question "No or Maybe", what other words do you believe truly represent NRW?
The current core beliefs of North Rose-Wolcott Central School District are that: The potential of each child will be achieved. Learning is a shared responsibility of all. Each child will be provided a safe, creative and encouraging environment. Each child will be prepared for their future. Do you believe that these core beliefs are the truest image of the NRW School District? *
If you answered the above question "No or Maybe", what other words do you believe truly represent NRW?
Currently, each NRW School Improvement Plan is operating under four guiding principles: Cultural Responsiveness, Relationships, Relevance and Fiscal Responsibility. Do you believe that these four principles are foundational to guiding NRW in a clear and consistent way? *
If you answered the above question "No or Maybe", what other beliefs do you believe truly represent NRW?
It is vital for a District to have a vision. Currently, the NRW District has four drafted "We Will Statements" to guide their work. Please review each statement and rate how important this is to the Vision of NRW - *
Statement One: We will engage students, families, and the cooperative community by fostering positive relationships, providing quality programming, and utilizing effective communication to value all. *
Statement Two: We will model positivity and encourage problem solving by recognizing the emotional needs, contributions, and perspectives of others. *
Statement Three: We will be honest, vulnerable, and self-aware in the cultivation of a caring and supportive culture that fulfills our commitments to students and one another. *
Statement Four: We will create a safe, joyful and welcoming environment that appreciates diverse backgrounds, experiences, and the unique qualities of our school community where all voices are heard. *
Did the drafted We Will statements miss anything that you believe is important to the NRW Vision?
Thank you for taking the time to let your voice be heard! Do you have any additional comments? Please add below.
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