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Self-Evaluation Form for Teachers (JMC) (1 of 1)
This form is meant solely for teachers to evaluate their teaching goals and methodologies across semesters. It is divided in two parts to ensure that teachers have a safeguard regarding the information that they choose to share. The first part pertains to the facilities that the college administration can provide to enable a positive teaching-learning environment, while the second is an exclusive document that teachers can download, fill and keep with themselves, for their personal evaluation metrics. Part 1 is compulsory, while Part 2 is discretionary.
Name of Teacher:
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Does JMC provide adequate physical infrastructure for quality classroom teaching? *
What aspects of your job are you satisfied with? Tick them. *
Which of these facilities can the college improve to create a better teaching atmosphere? Tick those that apply. *
Please suggest steps that can be taken by the college to encourage and facilitate research-oriented projects by teachers. *
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What other support do I need from the institution for fulfilling my teaching goals? *
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