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"The Traveler" tester's survey: closed beta 1
Hi! You've been participating in our closed beta, so we would be glad if you'd spend a few minutes to help make the game better
What was the maximum level you've reached? *
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Did you create more than one character? *
What biomes did you see? *
Did you visit necropolis? *
Do you agree that...
Did you learn any talents? *
Have you crafted anything? *
Did you talk to villagers? *
If you talked to villagers, did you ever get a quest?
Did you test multiplayer mode? *
Are you going to participate in the next beta test? *
Rate your overall experience *
Rate game's graphics *
Rate how clever were NPCs *
Rate game's interface (how good various menus, buttons, etc look) *
Please tell us what was bad (what features you didn't like, what bugs you've found, etc)
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Please tell us what was good (what features did you really like?)
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What do you think we should improve/add?
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Is there something else we should know?
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