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TMC Private Music Tutoring - Fall 2019
This form is an opportunity for BUSD students to confirm their interest in receiving private instrument lessons through The Music Connection (TMC). Applications are due on September 13th, 2019 at 11:59pm. (If you are submitting an application for multiple students, please submit a **separate** application for each). Please email with any questions. For selected applicants, tutors will be reaching out individually in a week.

Please note: Whether your student's specific instrument will be taught depends on whether there is a Berkeley tutor teaching that instrument (among other things). If there are no TMC Berkeley students teaching your instrument, tutoring will not available for that instrument. There are (almost) always tutors for piano and vocal lessons.

Thank you!
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What school does the student currently attend?
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What grade is the student currently enrolled? Ex. First Grade = 1, Second Grade = 2, etc.
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Which instrument does your student want to learn? Please list your top 3 in order of preference! (E.g. piano, vocal, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello, violin etc...)
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Please specify the amount of tutoring, if any, the student has had with their instrument
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Only for Private Piano: Piano at home?
Don't have a piano? No worries! Find out more about our Keyboard Lending Program below.
Tutoring Location
If you have a preferred place of tutoring, please make a note of it below. PLEASE PROVIDE CROSS STREETS (or somehow otherwise indicate the general location). Keep in mind our tutors are full time students and will be walking or using public transportation to get to lessons so locations should be within a reasonable distance of the UC Berkeley campus. A location with piano availability is required for piano students.
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Keyboard Lending Program *
TMC has a limited number of keyboards available to rent for the duration of the semester. The rental requires a deposit of $150, but this deposit is COMPLETELY REFUNDED as long as the keyboard is returned at the end of the semester undamaged. Please indicate your interest in participating in the keyboard lending program. (Your response here is non-binding and is only to gauge interest)
End of the Semester Recital *
Does the student wish to participate in an end of the semester recital for students, to showcase what they've learned over the course of his or her lessons? (The answer here is non-binding, we're simply gauging interest for the recital)
Previous application with TMC *
Tutor Matching
If you have participated in the TMC program before and wish to continue with your previous tutor, please specify below and state their name.
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