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Screen time habits
Before we view Screenagers, take a minute to respond to the following questions. Be honest! Your name is not attached to this. Staff too!
1. I am ... *
2. Do you have a cellphone? *
3. If you have a cell phone, how often do you send or check texts? *
4. How much time would you say you spend in front of a screen (tablet, computer, TV, phone) daily? In hours... *
5. Do you use movie/media apps like Netflix? *
6. If you answered yes above, how much time do you spend watching movies/shows/videos?
7. Do you sleep with your phone near you at night? *
8. How often do you text late at night when you should be sleeping? (Say, after 11 pm). *
9. Which social media apps do you use? Select all that apply: *
10. Do your parents restrict your screen usage? Check all that apply. *
11. If you are an adult, do you make an effort to reduce your screen time? *
12. How would you characterize your relationship with your device? *
13. Do you feel that cell phones are a distraction in school? *
14. Do you feel that cyber bullying is an issue that needs to be better addressed? *
15. Do you feel that you would perform better in school/sports/work/life if stricter limitations were better enforced on your use of devices? *
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