VOTE for Clean Energy @ Cobb EMC!

After years of turmoil and dirty-coal-power plans, a completely new Board of Directors is set to finally be elected at Cobb EMC!

Those elected board members could be more of the same, interested in investing our money in dirty fossil fuels, OR they could be CLEAN ENERGY CHAMPIONS!

In the first round of elections, four candidates for the Cobb Board of Director won overwhelming victories after obtaining the endorsement of the Cobb EMC Owners Association. The Owners Association chooses their candidates by allowing Cobb EMC members to vote in their vetting/endorsement sessions. On the evenings of March 6th, March 8th, and March 13th the Cobb EMC Owners Association will be hosting vetting meetings to endorse a single candidate in each of the 6 remaining areas. Whomever is endorsed by the Owners Association is very likely to win the March 31st general election.

Now is our chance to Vote for Clean Energy Champions for Cobb EMC!
Can you attend one Cobb EMC Owners Association vetting session to support Sierra Club's Clean Energy Champions?!

Sierra Club Endorsed Candidates:
Area 3: Kelly Bodner
Area 4: David Lambrozo
Area 5: Tripper Sharp
Area 8: Bryan Boyd
Area 9: Eric Broadwell

All Meetings will be held at the offices of Butch Thompson:
2131 Moon Station Drive
Kennesaw, Georgia

Remember to bring a photo I.D. AND your Cobb EMC Bill (to prove you are a customer).

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