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LaFayette CSD Story Information Form
Please help us spread the word about the wonderful things happening throughout the LaFayette Central School District.

To streamline the process of getting news onto the district's website, social media platforms and to local media, please use this form to submit information to the district Communications Office.

Please fill out this form completely and with as much detail as possible. The district's communication specialist will follow-up with you if additional information is needed.

Thank you!

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If students are featured in the photograph, do we have permission to publish their photo? (If you are not sure, please check with your principal.) *
If the event has yet to occur, are you requesting live coverage from communications staff? (Please note - the communications specialist is only in the district once a week.) *
If the event has yet to occur, would you like media invited? (Please make sure your building principal has approved this request. The communications specialist will clear all media requests through the superintendent.)
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