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Preventing Food-Borne Illness Quiz
Period *
At what temperatures do bacteria multiply the most rapidly? *
Juan is about to start his shift prepping salads for a local restaurant. When should Juan wash his hands while on the job? *
Which of the following is the role of sanitizers in the kitchen? *
Megan is preparing a pork roast for dinner. What temperature does the center of the roast need to be to be cooked properly? *
Sean cooks hamburgers at a fast food restaurant. What is the proper internal temperature for the burgers he prepares? *
What food-borne illnesses are spread by flies *
To minimize the growth of disease-causing bacteria, the maximum amount of time food can be kept between 70⁰ and 140⁰ is *
In order to prevent contamination of food in the refrigerator, which is the safest order to place food starting at the bottom of the refrigerator? *
What is the rule for handling ready-to-eat food? *
Amanda isn’t sure if she should go to work as a line cook for a local diner. She hasn’t been feeling well, but she doesn’t want to anger her supervisor by missing work. Under which conditions should Amanda avoid preparing food? *
Each year in the United States there are ________ incidences of food-borne illnesses. *
Last Name, First Name *
What single action by food hander’s is the greatest cause of food-borne illness? *
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