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Dismantling AI Myths & Hype
Join in the effort to debunk and counter the hype, myth and inaccuracies around 'artificial intelligence'
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Why the hype?
Everyone is talking about aritificial intelligence, but our conversations are riddled with hype, myths and inaccuracies. Even the term AI is mired in disagreement and deception.

Many people and organisations are working to ensure that the various technologies and systems we refer to as 'AI' are developed in a manner that respects our human rights, promotes social justice, and empowers vulnerable people. To do that work, however, means constantly fighting against hype, myths, and inaccuracies about AI that blind us to what is really going on, or twist the narrative in favour of certain interests.

For my Mozilla Fellowship project, I will be working to challenge these narratives, debunk these myths, and counter the hype and inaccuracies with solid arguments and facts. As part of this process, I want to open up a consultation to the public to find out which myths cause the most harm, and what we can do to counter them.

And please, if you think one of the 'myths' listed is actually true, feel free to get in touch and defend it!

Please contribute to this task by answering the questions below, or feel free to get in touch here: 

Daniel Leufer, 2019-20 Mozilla Fellow hosted by Access Now
What are the most damaging myths, inaccuracies or bits of hype about AI?
What type of resources would help you to combat these myths in your work?
Do you know of any already existing work that challenges these myths and inaccuracies? Please add links or contact details for people we should get in touch with, we'd love to collaborate and showcase existing work!
Are you interested in collaborating yourself? If so, please explain how we could work together.
Please include your email address if you'd like to, or get in touch with me directly:
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