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TALLER Sebastián García Ferro "B>lab"
TALLER Sebastián García Ferro "B>lab" (Estudio 1 Centro Danza Canal; Viernes 7 de junio de 9 a 10.30)

Por razones de aforo, es necesario inscribirse en cada una de las actividades a las que vas a asistir. Lamentamos los inconvenientes que esto pueda ocasionar. Por favor, ten en cuenta que reservas una plaza que no podrá ser ocupada por otra persona si no asistieras. Incidencias:

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BIDE - Barcelona International Dance Exchange", is an organization based in Barcelona, that provides services for creative exchange and networking between performing arts professionals worldwide, through a unique tool call B>Lab.
BIDE promotes the constructive dialogue between different practices, ideologies and realities through horizontal dynamics of participation.
BIDE gives value to the performing arts within the contemporary social context.
BIDE encourages inclusion, mobility and creative exchange between artists of different age, gender, culture and background.
BIDE embrace the curiosity, personal and professional development and the difference as a place to learn from each other

B>Lab is the original and central tool used in the BIDE laboratories of movement. The B>lab laboratories trigger connections through which participants engage themselves in the research and share their discoveries in order to feed the collective creation. A B> Lab is a space where ideas can emerge and circulate within a process of exploration. In a B> Lab the connections happen through movement and horizontal discussion. Each B>Lab has a facilitator whose job is to propose a topic, develop it, open questions and provide a dynamic structure for the work session and the final presentation. At the end of each day, the participants present the conclusions of each B>Lab. These can be a small piece of work in progress format, an improvisation or just a talk. In this way, the exchange is facilitated, and dialogue can be made about the experiences lived in the laboratories and the performances. Half way during the event the public is invited to the presentation of the works in the form of performance or open doors. Every morning there is a particular session of feedbacks about the different processes of the B>Lab of the previous day.

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