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Titan Akitas Questionnaire
Please answer ALL questions.  A completed questionnaire doesn't guarantee a response though all applications are reviewed within a week.
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Have you ever owned an Akita? *
Do you own any Akitas now? *
If yes: Male or Female? How many?  Are they altered or intact?
Please answer thoroughly.
If you have never owned an Akita, why do you want one now? *
What are you looking for in an Akita? *
If you are looking to acquire a Companion Akita, will you spay or neuter your puppy if required? *
What puppy gender do you prefer? *
Rent or Own? *
Residence Type: *
If you rent, does your landlord approve of an Akita? Or if you own do you have an association in your neighborhood and do they have any issues with Akitas? *
Some homeowners insurance companies will not insure a home with an Akita; do you know what your insurance company's stance is? *
What are the ages of the adults in your home? *
Do you have children or regular visitors below the age of 12? *
If yes, how many? (Include grandchildren) *
Do you have any other pets? *
If yes, what types? If you have other dogs, what sex? Intact or not? Please answer completely. *
Have you ever returned a pet to the place where you acquired it? What was the reason? (Answering yes truthfully doesn't eliminate you from the process) *
Where will your Akita spend most of its time? Outside, inside the home, a run etc? *
Do you have a fenced dog run or yard? How tall is the fence? *
Will you allow an in home visit or can provide pictures before a puppy is placed with you? *
What dog food do you feed or plan to feed? *
Brand, protein base, etc.
Do you have a veterinarian or vet clinic or an Akita owner or mentor to provide for a reference? *
Name and phone number of reference. *
What type of research have you done on the Akita? What have you learned about the breed through your research or experience? Please thoroughly answer: *
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Thank you for your answers!  Please know that I take each and every application seriously and the answers are thoroughly reviewed as quickly as possible.  Also know that there is usually a waiting list and it can be fairly long at times.   I usually will not respond to applications where it's obvious that it wasn't taken seriously.  Feel free to contact me via email to check on the status of your application if you have any questions.  This process is necessary to make sure the hard work and care that was put into my bloodlines are preserved and well taken care of.  If you get a puppy from Titan Akitas, I am trusting you with our legacy and that is taken very seriously.
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