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ICaS Travel Training 2017: "Be your own boss"
Inspiring Careers and Solutions-Nigeria || +2348069493542
(By completing this form you agree that you are registering for the ICaS Nigeria Travelling Training in collaboration with UKEAS and you will pay the stated Registration fee.)
Registration fee is #20,000 (#16,000 for active corp members)

Our Corporate account is : GTBANK--- Inspiring Careers and Solutions-NIGERIA
Account number: 0201026976

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ICaS Terms and Conditions

Bank details: Inspiring Careers and Solutions; GTBANK PLC
Account number: 0201026976

Responsibilities & Commitment:
ICaS Commits to:

1.1. Provide adequate information and necessary training materials to trainees about admission processing, visa requirements, fees, deadline for applications, documents submission/ bio-metric capture appointment dates.
1.2. These Information will be provided through promotion materials and e-books if the need arise.
1.3. Provide information and Commission payment on direct / Indirect partnership with over 100 Universities in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland & Australia.
1.4. To provide 3 months ad-on support to Trainees after the training.
1.5. 20% DISCOUNT applicable only to Active / present NYSC Corp members.

You commit to:

1. Pay all necessary fees or charges as stated on our website
2. To pay the stated charges to the corporate account stated above.
3. Bring confirmation of payment before you can be fully registered/ given a registration form.
4. It is solely your duty to fulfil and implement the training received. ICaS-Nigeria is not responsible for getting you clients neither referring you clients.
5. To accept that the embassy holds the final decision on any application and that we is not responsible for any refusal or rejected application.

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