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TEDxCharlottesville 2016 Survey
How did you hear about this TEDx event? (Select all that apply)
What was your main reason for attending this TEDx event? (Select all that apply)
How do you rate this TEDx Event? [Overall]
How do you rate: Speakers and Theme?
How do you rate: Onstage Hosts?
How do you rate: Food / Lunch?
How do you rate: Venue?
Who were your two favorite speakers?
What did you like/dislike about your favorite speakers?
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What about the event worked well?
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What could have been improved?
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What are your suggestions for future TEDx events? This can be about themes, locations, participants, food/lunch, anything you choose...
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Name of your company, school or organization
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How far did you travel to get to TEDxCharlottesville
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