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2020 Spanish Language Evaluation
Student Action with Farmworkers' Into the Fields Program

Please take the time to evaluate the applicant by thoughtfully and accurately filling in the information below. You cannot save your responses and return to this form, so please prepare in advance.The applicant would be required to work with monolingual Spanish speaking farmworkers in the southeast (primarily Mexican). SAF interns and fellows work full-time during the summer providing access to health care, legal aid or education. They do case management, health education, organize community events and interpret for workers in various settings. While filling out the form please consider how well you think the applicant would do in this situation with their current Spanish level.
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Are you interested in partnering with SAF in the future to further promote our mission and values? Please note that this partnership can be expressed in various ways. You can indicate what activities you would like to participate in. *
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