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Welcome to We are expanding listing universe and are now accepting outside applications.

Blocktrade will, as a general rule, review and respond to all applications. If successful, the details of the integration timeline will be shared with you.

1. Until the process is finished, the applicant is not to disclose neither the application itself, nor the current stage in the process. Blocktrade reserves the right to disqualify such applications and terminate the process, especially if such an announcement is conducted in a misleading fashion.

2. You will be asked to sign an NDA.

3. Applications are processed on "first in, first out" principle. Blocktrade does not guarantee a fixed date until when a decision is taken.

4. You can contact your account manager in urgent cases, however, this will not speed up the review process.

5. Be vary of phishing attempts and/or impersonation fraud. Do not pre-transfer any funds until you have received a confirmation through official channels.

6. All external announcements regarding listing decision are to be approved by Blocktrade.

7. If selected for listing, you will be asked to sign a listing contract. The signature thereof is a precondition for the listing itself.

8. Blocktrade reserves the right to delist a coin/token for any reason. In such case, a sufficient time period will be allowed for withdrawals of the delisted coin/token.

8. Any questions about the listing process can be addressed to

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