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USA Club Rugby 2023 National Championship venue request for information
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Venue Name
Are you associated with a rugby Club or Geographic Union? If so which one.
Email Address
Location of Venue
Venue Website
Number of full size rugby pitches
Closest Airport
Distance from Venue to Closest Airport
Proposed cost for the venue to USA Club Rugby
Will you be able to offer hotel partnerships to reduce cost?
Will you be working with or are a local entity or tourism board?
Please provide a general description of the venue and its advantages to USA Club Rugby?
Will you be able to serve alcohol? If yes, how will the sales of alcohol be split?
What type of seating is available to spectators?
Do you have a stadium?
Are your fields grass or turf? If turf, what type of turf?
Will you be able to receive and store shipments in advance of the National Championship? If yes, how far in advance could you receive shipments?
Please provide any additional information you believe to be necessary in the evaluation of your prosed venue
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