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Central Asia Forum recruitment
We are currently looking to recruit members for the organising team of the Central Asia Forum at the University of Warwick.

The Central Asia Forum is the first student-run conference on the region making connections between Central Asia and the UK, rebuilding a time-neglected bridge between two worlds.

We are looking for members for the following teams:

1) Speakers Team
-Contacting and liaising with potential speakers for the forum

2) Marketing Team
-Promoting the forum on campus through organising events
-Promoting the forum externally by contacting relevant local organisations and universities
-Using social media to spread awareness of Central Asia to a wider audience

3) Logistics Team
-Organising practical arrangements for the day of the conference

4) Finance Team
-Securing funding and sponsorship to stage the conference

If you have any questions please email us at or message our Facebook page at

We will respond to you by email regarding the success of your application.

The deadline is the October 20th!

Good luck, we look forwards to hearing from you.

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