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Beach Reach 2020 Application
Thank you so much for your interest in serving with us at Beach Reach 2020! We are excited to get to know you better and to talk about the possibility of having you on our team!
Last Name *
First Name *
Phone Number *
Classification *
Church Home in Nacogdoches *
Why are you interested in serving with Beach Reach? *
Share about how you came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. *
Share what you believe about God (basic gospel message) *
What experience, gifts, or skills do you have that may be helpful on this trip? *
Are there any areas of your life that might be a hindrance to your witness as a representative of Jesus Christ? *
Do you have any conflicts with the required dates? *
Are you able to attend mandatory training for the trip; Sunday's at 2pm, February 02-March 01? *
All students who have not previously served with the SFA BSM must interview with a staff member. *
Thanks so much for applying! We will contact you when we receive your application!
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