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Adelante 2020 application form
Thank you for applying to Adelante 2020 in Málaga, Spain!

Please fill out only one form for ALL members of your family/party desiring to attend Adelante. We will be in touch with you within 3 business days of receiving your completed application as to its approval for this event.

The purpose of the application is less about screening and more of matching for the overall group and target audience.

Please wait for official approval of your application from the Adelante team before completing the payment process and before arranging your transport to get to the event.

If you have any questions, please send an email to We will be in touch soon!
Names of all family/party members (last name, first name(s)) *
(include only the names of the members of your family/party applying to attend)
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Age of your children, if applicable *
(Include only children you desire to attend Adelante. Please type first name of child next to age: e.g. "John-15, Ruth-5". All children will be expected to attend the children's or youth program, unless extenuating circumstances exist. The extent of the program will be determined by child participation numbers; however, a high-quality program will be available to all children and youth attending.)
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What organization or group are you serving with, if any? *
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What is your issued passport country (or home culture)? *
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In what country and/or cultural context are you currently serving? *
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For how many years have you been serving in your current ministry context? *
(Even if it is not your first cross-cultural ministry context.)
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Are you currently living and serving cross-culturally? *
Are you living in a “creative access” country with concerns regarding security?
Do you have a sense yet of your time commitment to living and serving in this context?
What cross-cultural training have you received up to this point? *
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In brief, what is the focus and nature of your cross-cultural work?
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What is the best email address for us to use to communicate Adelante event information to you? *
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Any other questions that you have about Adelante at this point?
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In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we are informing you that the data you provide in this form to the SentWell team will be treated with complete confidentiality. We will keep your data for the purposes as stated in this form until a time when we hear from you that you would like your data removed. We will not share nor sell your information to anyone. You can contact the Delegation of Data Control at: if you wish to alter, remove or limit your data. Thank you.
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