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Gunn WL Placement test August 8th, 2019
Hello! Gunn offers a placement test in August for students new to the district who have studied Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, French, or German.

The August test is also for students who are native or heritage speakers of any of those five languages (their parents or grandparents always speak to them in that language, or they have spent significant time in the target language country or in an immersion program).

In addition, the test is also for PAUSD students who have gone through the Ohlone or Escondido Immersion programs and who wish to continue studying at Gunn.

Finally, the test is for students identified by their middle school teacher or students who have studied over the summer. The teachers of these students feel that they would benefit from having a placement test. Such students should contact their teacher FIRST, then contact Gunn (, and THEN sign up for the test.

If you have a student who meets that above description, please sign them up to take the the WL Placement Test on August 8th, 2019. The test will be administered promptly at 9AM. It takes one hour, and there is no need to bring anything or do any special preparation. The test will be given in G5, the Language Lab. Results should be available by the first day of classes.

Registration will close Tuesday, August 6th. Confirmations will be sent later that day.

For specific information not covered here, please contact WL Dept. Secretary, Angela Mosqueda (

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