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Ecological Credits - Capturing and measuring the Natural Capital value on your farm.
ORICoop is working with organic farmers keen to capture the ecological natural capital and carbon value on their farm. We enable farmers to start measuring, and get to know their soil and agro-ecological farming systems better, and connect the aligned natural and monetary value with the stewards!

This application gives us an initial indication of the Eco-Credit potential on your farm, and your capacity to increase the carbon levels plus the natural capital on your farm over time. We enable businesses to offset their carbon footprint directly with organic farm businesses to become carbon neutral. A massive step towards the right partnerships for producers, businesses and the planet!

This is a limited pilot, to an approved number of farmers that are ORICoop members and have clear intentions of increasing the carbon and natural capital across their farming system.

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Where are you located? Town, Region & State
Are you currently an ORICoop member? (Once your application is approved this a requirement to formally register for the Eco-Credit project.)
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How would you define your farming methods?
What is your certification number? (If you are certified)
What is the physical address of this farm?
What is your approx average yearly rainfall?
List what you currently grow on farm including approx volumes (in tonnage)
What is the total size of this farm (in Hectares?)
What is the arable (usable) land area of this farm (in Ha)?
What is the set aside or non-arable land area? (approx in Ha) Including biodiversity and remnant bushland.
When was the last time you did a soil nutrient test?
What were the key stand out results from these tests? (Good or bad) Plus your average carbon levels from this test?
When was the last time you did a biological test?
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What was the stand out (good or bad) result of this biological test?
What is your average level of organic matter on farm ?
What type of support would assist you to improve the carbon stored in your soil and biodiversity? To improve carbon levels and the natural capital on your farm?
Has your farm business completed an environmental, energy or carbon footprint previously? If so with whom? And details?
If you supply a processor - who is this? (we may be able to arrange offsets directly with them)
Is this farm already involved in an offsetting or registered carbon project? Or likely to be in the coming 1-3 years? Please include details. (If so - indicate what areas may already be committed land in these figures below.)
What area of land (in Ha) would you be committing to increase in soil carbon over the next year by 0.1% verified by soil tests or via baselining? (that is not already ERF registered)
How many native trees would you be committing to plant over the next year?
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How many fruit trees (minimum 10) would you intend to plant over the coming year?
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Are you interested to include baseline figures in the next 12 months? (for the areas you have not already registered, including soil carbon or biodiversity)
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What sort of native wildlife have you observed on your farm? (add to if not on list)
List the insects you have observed on your farm. Including air borne, in soil and seasonally. (add others if not listed)
List the birds you have observed on your farm (add others if not listed)
Describe the biodiversity on your farm presently. And what is your vision for this over the coming 5-10 years?
Are there other 'Natural Capital Assets' that should also be included (ie agroforestry or wetlands)
How would you summarise your farm as an ecological system currently? (Strengths & Weaknesses)
What type of pest issues cause you most concern?
What type of disease issues cause you most concern?
What are your plans over the next five (5) years to improve the Natural Capital on your farm?
Are you happy to enter a Eco-Credit Agreement with ORICoop to protect, improve and enhance the natural capital of your farm?
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Please add any suggestions or further parameters that may assist farmers to capture more of their 'ecological or natural capital value' ....
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