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Certain characteristics of a school can affect student learning. This survey asks for your views about our school so that we can improve and provide the best possible education for your child.

Please respond honestly to each statement. There are no right or wrong answers. Read each question carefully and respond how you feel. All responses will be anonymous and remain confidential. Participation is voluntary.

Questions 1-12 *
Don’t know/ Doesn’t apply
School personnel recognize and look for students who are behaving appropriately
All cultures, including my own, are treated fairly and with respect at school. 
I trust the principal and assistant principal to make the best decisions for the well being of the school. 
The school values instructional time and protects it from interruptions. 
Students uses technology at school to help strengthen his or her skills. 
School staff and administrators address bullying of students quickly and effectively. 
School administrators strive to maintain positive traditions, history, and school climate.
The school’s primary emphasis is improving student learning.
All students in the school are expected to meet high standards.
My child understands classroom/ school expectations.
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