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Join in SuperPay team
SuperPay.VIP is global community and we are looking for below team member.

1. Project ambassadors
2. Technical developer
3. Cooperation and Patents manager
4. Group manager

- Create awareness of SuperPay.VIP and share project information
- Provide support for possible cooperation opportunities
- iOS, Android development
- Help build a local SuperPay.VIP community

- Passionate about SuperPay.VIP platform and its product
- Technically focused (though a technical background is not necessary)
- Be friendly, outgoing, humble, and helpful

- Give speeches at events on behalf of SuperPay.VIP
- Attend relevant meetups and other community events
- Be a resource to those who want to learn about SuperPay.VIP
- Connect others with relevant people in the SuperPay.VIP core team and ecosystem
- Collect and share feedback to the SuperPay.VIP core team
- Coordinate with other ambassadors
- Help onboard new ambassadors


- Contracted salary paid in SuperPay.VIP Tokens
- An official title with a business card
- Profile listed on the SuperPay.VIP website
- Travel and event costs paid for on a case-by-case basis

If you think you are suitable for the role, please contact us at along with:
- A personal introduction (including your location/s)
- Why you think you would suit the role.
- A copy of your latest CV

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