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Global Engagement Summit 2018-2019 Staff Application
Thank you for applying to the Global Engagement Summit. We cannot wait to meet you in person! Please submit your application and sign up for an interview before Saturday, October 6 at 11:59PM CST. Late and incomplete (i.e. submitting an application but not signing up for an interview) submissions will NOT be considered.

Below are descriptions of the teams that are recruiting new staff members. Read them carefully before you fill out the application and make sure to sign up for an interview time.

IMPORTANT #1: GES has all-staff meetings every Tuesday at 9pm. Beyond that, committees usually meet at least once weekly outside of these meetings. Please consider your other time commitments before applying.

IMPORTANT #2: The application is very short and is mostly to get your basic information. Your 20-minute interview will be more important. The interviews are casual. Please be comfortable and most importantly, be yourself! We are so excited to get to know you.

IMPORTANT #3: Interviews will be conducted only from October 7-12, and your application MUST be submitted prior to your interview. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you complete this application prior to the October 5 deadline, so that you can sign up for interview slots while they are still open.

To help you prepare, we have provided you with the interview questions in advance. You can access them here:

VERY IMPORTANT AND MANDATORY: Sign up for an interview at the link below.



Content Development:
-Developing the schedule of the GES summit
-Creating the GES summit curriculum
-Finding mentors for delegates during the summit
-Brainstorming facilitators and speakers for the summit

Campus Relations:
-Expand brand awareness and programing related to GES on Northwestern's campus
-Plan events related to the mission and values of GES for Northwestern students on campus
-Participate in collaborations for events with other student groups
-Plan new Keynote event during the Summit

Delegate Outreach:
-Responsible for recruiting both American and International Delegates
-Review delegate applications
-serve as point people for delegates and field questions about the summit, visa process, financial aid, etc.
-Create the Delegate Digest to provide info to delegates
-Organize Small Group Facilitators for delegates during the Summit

External Relations:
-Reach out to and establish connections with various organizations both inside and outside Northwestern to provide tangible outcomes (grants, services, consulting, fellowships) to delegates, alumni, and staff
-Plan Pitch Competition and the Outcomes Presentation during the Summit
-Manage and enhance GES relations with staff and delegate Alumni from past summits
-Develop new ways to use GES alumni to benefit the staff and Northwestern campus experience
-Compile Alumni feedback
-Maintain Alumni database, Facebook group, and LinkedIn

Function & Finance:
-Plan and execute fundraising events throughout the year
-Assist with logistical planning of the summit
-Help contact and organize every detail of the summit from food to fun

Media and Marketing:
-Maintain the GES brand in all public spheres
-Create literature about GES to distribute to potential delegates and facilitators
-Create GES merchandise for staff and delegates
-Maintain GES's social media presence across a variety of platforms
-Help make GES photo/video projects

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