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Music Therapy Pre-Internship Guitar Survey
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How confident are you using bar chords in your guitar playing?
Not confident at all
Very confident
Which resources would you utilize the most to improve your current guitar level?
What age range do you fall in? *
Where did you complete your music therapy training?
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What skills do you feel would improve your guitar playing the most?
Check all that apply
How many semesters of guitar instruction were required for your degree program? *
At what point in your college curriculum did you start to learn guitar? *
What importance do you place on guitar implementation during planning music therapy activities?
1 being of low importance and 5 being of high importance.
Low importance
High importance
Do you use bar chords in your guitar playing?
What priority do you place on improving your guitar skills?
Low Importance
High Importance
In which area is your primary instrument
Describe your playing experience with the guitar prior to your degree program?
little to no experience
very experienced
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