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Islandora Foundation Code of Conduct revision feedback

For more information about what we're doing with the Islandora CoC, please check out this post:

All responses to this form are completely anonymous unless you identify yourself by adding your email at the bottom. (If you would like you can submit the form anonymously and then get in touch with the Islandora Foundation Project & Community Manager, Melissa Anez, at manez @ if you’d like to be involved further in the creation of a new draft CoC.)

Existing CoC:

We are revising the entire document, not just the section marked CoC, so comments on the reporting process, the placement of the code on the website, and anything else are also welcome.

What do you like about the existing CoC/what do you think the the existing CoC does well?
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What do you think is missing from the existing CoC?
Please feel free to include examples of situations that you might hope the CoC would address or ways of interacting you hope it would encourage--i.e. both positive and negative behavior that could be covered in a CoC.
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What parts of the existing CoC would you want to push back on or change?
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What other Codes of Conduct or community guidelines would you advise us to look at as we revise the existing CoC? Please check any that you like and feel free to contribute multiple additional links in the Other option.
What do you think the code(s) of conduct that you indicated above do well?
If you would like, feel free to copy and paste sections of the codes that you like, and if possible explain why.
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Is there anything else you think we should keep in mind as we revise the CoC?
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Add your email here if you’d like to be involved in the process to revise the Islandora Foundation CoC (this can be very low-commitment or more involved, depending on your interest).
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